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2018: The Glass Is.

Tweet   While I would love to force myself to have the glass be “half full”, I’m going to just stay realistic, not be negative and say…   I had a glass this year. There was something in it.   I had a few goals: Friday Five – And We’re Off!   Really have a…

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A Week In Boston Part II

Tweet Now that you’ve gotten through Part I, let’s finish it off with Part II. Even though Marathon Monday was so dreadful, we were still up and at ’em in the morning Tuesday, to be sure we were packed up and ready to go in the afternoon.  We arranged our bike tour to be changed…

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A Week in Boston – Part I

Tweet Before I start, I just wanted to mention that I did post Week 15 here, the week before we headed out.  It wasn’t a complete week, it wasn’t even a great week, I’m a broken record again, nothing new there.  I’m having a real love/hate relationship with blogging and I’m not sure anymore how…

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