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Catching Up: Week 5 + 6

I’M JOINING WENDY AND HOLLY THIS WEEK FOR THE WEEKLY WRAP! JOIN IN WITH YOUR FITNESS RELATED POST TO GET AND RECEIVE SUPPORT FROM OTHER SUPER COOL AND FABULOUS BLOGGERS.       I’m finally coming up for air and late with catching up.  I know we’re already almost HALFWAY through February now, what the heck???   January is fully in…

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2018: The Glass Is.

  While I would love to force myself to have the glass be “half full”, I’m going to just stay realistic, not be negative and say…   I had a glass this year. There was something in it.   I had a few goals: Friday Five – And We’re Off!   Really have a savings…

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Where did we leave off?

Oh hey! Hi! Remember me?  it’s been ages since I caught up here and while I had the best intentions we all know what that means, right? Life happens and priorities are shifted.  I have been having a good time in the meantime I can promise you that.   Ragnar Wattenmeer Happened This was a…

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