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WRD – Week 33 Noah Called

Tweet Week 8 of 16 Chicago Marathon training is a done deal. I’m halfway and I feel about a quarter ready to take on the distance. I’m not going to dwell too much on the negative that I feel, because I know it does not help me. Pushing onwards. You know how you shouldn’t compare…

By Renée 18 August, 2019 14

WRD: Week 30 – Stronger

Tweet This week was much better as far as work goes, but it was finally “our” turn to experience the Heatwave from Hell. Training continued, sleep remained difficult, at some point the airco at work didn’t even work properly anymore (and it’s normally freezing in the office). We had two days that were the “hottest…

By Renée 28 July, 2019 22

Tuesday Topics Link-up #1

Tweet Welcome to the all new Tuesday Topics.  Not my brain-child but that of Kim (@Kookyrunner) and Zenaida!       If you are interested in joining, check this link for exactly how to link up and what the rules are.  Oh, yeah and what the weekly topics are (though you are free to add another fitness…

By Renée 8 January, 2019 31