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Where did we leave off?

Oh hey! Hi! Remember me?  it’s been ages since I caught up here and while I had the best intentions we all know what that means, right? Life happens and priorities are shifted.  I have been having a good time in the meantime I can promise you that.   Ragnar Wattenmeer Happened This was a…

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September Update or How to Fail Your Blog

So. Crazy times you guys.  I think I just totally failed my blog since I haven’t had time to post. Let me just tell you about September: Gym: I’ve been going to the gym! whoo hoo! So far it’s not been more than one time a week but I’ll get there soon. It’s difficult with…

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Weddings, Road Trips and The Sickness

Are you surprised yet that I haven’t blogged again for a little while? No? So the latest and greatest: My brother-in-law got married last Friday to his longterm girlfriend. Yay for weddings! The hubs and kids and I had the day off to go to Hubs’ home town for the event. It was a lovely,…

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