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Week 30 + July Recap

*I always liked this 30 Seconds To Mars song, but now it’s on the playlist of the new BodyPump release – so it’s constantly in my head (and I have the desire to grab some weights and do bicep curls)     Not gonna lie, glad it’s the end of July.  Don’t mind me while…

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Week 13 – getting closer #roadtoberlin

Monday – rest day. It must not have been very exciting because I honestly can’t remember anything that happened on this day! Tuesday – Intervals! 15 min warmup then 3 x 1 KM (5:58 / 5:43 / 5:47) with 1:30 rest in between, then 3 minutes rest and again 3 x 1KM (5:41/ 5:37 /…

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February Running

February was kind of a beautiful disaster if you ask me. And you did silently ask, didn’t you? I mean basically I had to really hunker down and study my ass off for exams and had less time to train. That said I still managed to make it to the gym at least once a…

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