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Tuesday Topics #3 – Fuelling for your Run

 Tuesday Topics Again!  Don’t be shy, join in the link up with Kookyrunnerand Zenaida, get to know other bloggers and join in the fun!     This weeks topic:  How do you fuel for a run?   Fuelling for a run is different for everyone.  I have to say I sure have learned a lot about food…

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Runner Spotlight # 7 – Claire

Right, we were doing runner’s spotlights on Fridays but I’m now going to change them to Wednesdays. Or Thursdays. I don’t know yet! On Friday I want to start doing the Friday Five Link Up. This is my attempt to actually be more engaged with other running bloggers and hopefully give you guys something different…

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No Change is Good Change

I’m now 16 days post-op and feeling great actually! Yesterday I got my stitches out and, while I have a wee bit of pain in my foot, it’s kind of like when you have a blister that’s healing – that level of pain. Which is basically nothing! I would post a photo of right before…

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