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September: Birthday Giveaway!

So, ladies and gents… even though it’s MY birthday (tomorrow!) I want to do a little giveaway because I know that someone out there can appreciate a gift that I received but can’t use (because I’m in the Netherlands). Besides, I’m just that kind of gal. Share the wealth and all that! Last month I…

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The Dublin By Bike Experience

During my rock’n’roll weekend my friends M and Babette and I took the opportunity to do some fun sight-seeing in Dublin by bike! I’ve done bike tours in Berlin, London and now Dublin. To be honest, because I’ve been a couple times in Berlin it gave me the confidence later to bike by myself in…

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RockNRoll Baby! Liverpool Half or Full Giveaway!

Ladies and Gents, as you know, this year I am a PROUD member of the RockNBlog team for the Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon Race Series! I had the pleasure of running Lisbon Half a few years ago and absolutely LOVED the experience. But then again who doesn’t love awesome entertainment along the route, plenty of…

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