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Video Sunday

I went running this afternoon and was amazed at how much water there is everywhere, just a couple of kilometers from my apartment. I only made the video from the bridge between Westervoort and Arnhem. I wanted to stop and take photos along the farms but running was going so well, I just didn’t want…

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Here We Go A ‘Rambling

I had this great idea to do a video log this week. And then my lovely Karen did one today and I thought “Yes, this is my day too for a new video log!” I don’t really plan or script these things out. I’m a total technical dork (as in I’m not technical) so I…

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Recently had the honor of being presented this lovely Blog Award from Shrinkingirl.  So to properly receive this gift, I present to you my first (and last?) video log.  I must say, I may sound and look stoned, I assure you I am not, regardless of the fact that I spent the day in Amsterdam…

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