Daily 13/11

Yippee, going back to work! Never thought I would be so excited to do that. The Hubs actually drove me to another town where it would be easier to get to the platform – Arnhem is a total disaster at the moment, as far as getting to the front of the station, to the lifts. I feel good this morning; hopefully by the time I post this I will still be in the same mood.

Breakfast- coffee, 1 kiwi, sandwich with 2 LC Light triangles, red and yellow bell pepper

Snack- 2 Triple Tall NF lattes

Lunch – Hummous, spinach sandwich, salad with tuna (30gr?), 1 slice hard boiled egg, dressing.

Sample of Jenna’s pumpkin soup

Snack- 1 sample bite of brownie, 1 sample bite gingerbread cake (coffee tasting)

Train home- another sandwich (same as this morning)

Dinner-  hamburgers (very lean groundbeef, 1 slice Milner, ciabattas) – had two (100g each) but only ate 1.5

after dinner – 3 glasses of wine

Water – 2litres
Total points: guessing too many (35.5)
Deficit: most likely (13.5)
Fruit & Veg: plenty today


I went to a workshop today on basic management skills.  It was quite hard.  Emotionally.  Hard to explain, simply because I have a hard time to stop being angry and just feel my other emotions.  So, the day didn’t turn out exactly “great” but I can’t really complain either on the whole.