Not Funny, Clever, Famous or Glamourous

But just me.

And today I kicked ass.  Finally.

How did I kick ass?

Well.  Perhaps it’s not an ass-kicking like climbing 96 flights of stairs in record time, running 10 miles at lunch or doing TurboJam before work.  In fact, I didn’t even exercise today.

So, how on earth did I kick ass?

I got up.  I put my prepared breakfast and lunch together.  I left for work.  I ate my fruit and vegetables.  I stuck to my plan.  I ate everything on my list.  I did not deviate.  I had no chocolate.  No extra latte.  I drank my water. I dealt with time-crunch and stress.   I didn’t even leave the office until almost 7pm and when I did, I listened to podcasts that inspired me on the way home.  THAT’s how I kicked ass.

I just needed one day and I did it.  And tomorrow I’m going to do it again.  Because I have loads of people out there inspiring me, giving me the message that I can do this.  So I’m on it and I’m going to make them proud. Most of all, I’m going to make me proud.

In fact, I already am!  Monday, you’ve just met your maker!

8 thoughts on “Not Funny, Clever, Famous or Glamourous

  1. You’ve cracked the code. Breaking it down to a single day was how I managed to get myself through the worst of it while I was losing weight. I’d lie there in bed at night and smile at the accomplishments I’d managed to achieve over the past 18 hours. My stomach may have been growling, but my chest was puffed out with pride…


    1. it’s a great feeling – I KNOW that feeling and I long for that feeling but I don’t always work for it. So, woot!! Thanks Jack! You’re definitely one of the ones I look out for that keep me going!

  2. That’s awesome!! You totally did kick ass!! It’s all these quote-quote “small” changes and choices that lead to great BIG things!! Sometimes its the choices like these that we make that lead us to making even better ones in the future.

    Like this weekend & the poor choices I made that I explained on my blog…well maybe if I hadnt done that I never would have pushed myself to go run 6 miles yesterday, and then go grocery shopping to stock up on healthy foods, then make a new recipe…chain reactions baby!!

    Keep up the awesome work!! xoxo

    1. it is indeed chain reactions! I think many of us also have to go through some bad choices first to go “what the H*ll am I doing???” to get it together. Let’s make it roll now!!

  3. Yay for having a day that everything went just the way it was supposed to. It’s those little things that matter, and maybe they aren’t actually so little after all.

    1. those little things add up to one big thing… that’s what it is, that’s what gives us that feeling of control! it’s a good feeling, isn’t it? :)

  4. Hells YEAH you did. That’s it. Getting a day done. Then another and another and before you know it you’ve strung together weeks of those days. Woot woot!

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