Trying something a little different

This week I’m trying something a little different.

I have focused on reaching my daily alloted points (29) and not going over.  Technically though, I have 49 additional points I can spend on whatever I want.

As I don’t honestly eat junk food but once in a blue moon (like those bloomin’ doughnut samples last week), I am using these extras on good, healthy, sound foods and for my wine on the weekends.  I have been so panicked about going over 29 points each day, and every day I go over by a couple of points, I’ve decided those 49 points are an average of 7 extra per day – why not utilise them?

If I am earning exercise points as well, why panic about it?

So this week I’m allowing myself to go over those 29 points, as long as I’m not more than 7 over per day, I need to exercise and keep moving each day and the extras should be spent on something nutritionally sound.

I also am allowing myself even more to get hungry!  I read a few other bloggers trying this and no one has died in the process.  Nor will I!

I have the feeling this is going to be a good week.  Now if I could only get out and RUN so that I can train for my 12K! If it dumps snow one more time I swear I’m going to throw a conniption fit!!

2 thoughts on “Trying something a little different

    1. me too Pam! I’m glad you were able to join our team! I’m going to try to go to Zandvoort a couple of times to run in the sand – you should join me so we can practise!

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