Things I learned or Accomplished on Vacation

27 July, 2010 Off By Renée

1) I read an entire book. In Four Days. that may not seem a big deal to some of you but I never read anymore. I try to read whilst communting and I’m generally too tired and I fall asleep. Same for right-before-bed reading. It’s over in like three minutes. (Go ahead, ask me what I read :) )

2) I thoroughly and honestly enjoyed several days at the beach. Just relaxing. I don’t relax well, but this vacation I did!

3) I learned that my body isn’t so “bad” after all.

4) I ate whatever I wanted, including the “good” and the “bad” things. I found myself craving more vegetables and less french fries.

5) I ate ice cream. This is a big deal since I seem to have issues with lactose at times (though not yoghurt, not buttermilk, but some cheeses and I thought ice cream).

6) I laughed with my hubs and stepkids A LOT. This was a fairly stress-free vacation. The kids are getting older and we are all more relaxed with each other now. Took a few years.

7) I gained so much more appreciation for my stepkids, who are extremely well-behaved. I know all parents say this, but I’m telling you, I have seen and heard so many unacceptable (IMHO) things coming from other children around me. Kids who could probably get away with murder and their parents wouldn’t do crap about it.

8 ) I’m lucky too that they will eat just about anything. No picky eaters means we could try several new things and everyone was enthusiastic!

9) Fruit is so tasty and delicious. Better than any junk food!

10) I’ve seen more boobs that I ever really wanted to see. Unfortunately not one nice pair. Not even the fake perky ones. I will never go topless again – I just don’t think it’s necessary and it’s just not really pleasant to look at. Some of you bloggers may disagree with me and that’s ok.

11) Greek salad is the best invention ever.

12) I really, truly LOVE the dry heat. I miss this most of all. Greece is freaking HOT.

13) There really is nothing better than an ice cold beer in a glass that’s been in the freezer on a bloody hot day.

14) I like the beach more than the pool, despite having sand everywhere. I would love the pool if there were not 37 annoying people there and I could actually swim.

15) Pop music works best on the beach – thank you Kylie Minogue and your new album for being there on my holiday! (I’m not ashamed to admit it! I heart Kylie!)