The 30 Day No Scale Challenge

As I mentioned, I’m taking part in Alan’s 30 Day No Scale Challenge.

I weighed in on Sunday, 25th of July, as the challenge indicated at 79.7KG or 175 lbs for you non-metric people. This is, in fact, the same weight as last week, not even one ounce off or on. Earlier in the week I was down almost a pound, but then of course I had my chocolate fest and drank a butt-load of wine this weekend so that didn’t really help me stay on the downward trend.

Let me first say, I’m cool with 79.7KG for several reasons, but the most important reasons are 1) It’s under 80, even if by only 300 grams, it’s under 80, which is a good milestone for me (last time I went to New Mexico, for example, four years ago, I weighed 101KG) and 2) There’s actually nothing wrong with 79.7KG. I feel good, I feel healthy, I feel like I’m getting stronger every day. So. That’s fine.

Alan suggested that we hide our scale or give it to a friend. I’m not going to do that. I want to be able to stop myself from getting on the scale and the only way I can do that is to keep it around. It’s high up so I have to make an effort to take it down and I am sure I’ll be able to stop myself, should the desire be there within the next month.

Alan also suggested that we make a few notes about what worries us most and be mindful and make notes afterwards on how the experience is. He is so right when he said:

Keep in mind this challenge is not about the “number” at the end of the 30 days. Its about learning to live without letting the scale dictate how we feel about ourselves. Its about looking in the mirror and feeling good because you fit into those jeans that were once small on you, or noticing some new muscle definition, or just thinking to yourself WOW I look great today.

I totally believe in this statement! The past several months, I have been working on myself with the idea that the number is NOT the most important thing in all of this. There are so many other important factors. I’m all about my clothes fitting nicely, reaching my fitness goals, setting new goals and pushing the limits.

But I do worry sometimes. Of course I do. I worry that if I don’t keep an eye on it, I can easily let it get out of control. It only took 2 days back at work to send me to the candy jar. What if I don’t weigh myself? What else can I do to make sure that I at the very least maintain this weight that I’ve worked pretty hard to get to in the last year and a half?

I can keep working on my fitness.
I can track my daily intake.
I can be mindful of my stress moments.
I can do everything in my power to make my time work for me (and not give my time away unnecessarily).

I don’t really need the scale to tell me that I am doing some pretty amazing stuff here! So 30-Day Challenge, Bring it On!!!

4 thoughts on “The 30 Day No Scale Challenge

  1. Good luck with the challenge.

    I don’t think much about the scale. I weigh myself once a week on Thursday and most of the times I already know if I’ve gained or lost before I step on it. I can feel it because clothes don’t fit that well and I see it when I look at my body.

    Sometimes I have these periods I step on it every morning but that never lasts longer than 1 week or so.

    1. Thanks Fran! I don’t really think about the scale, but when I see it sometimes I have a compulsion to get on it. If I tell myself I won’t weigh for a week, then I’ll weigh after 4 days. Sometimes even if I tell myself the number is ok, it will trigger something. Like if I am down, suddenly I will “binge” on a bunch of nuts. Or have an extra serving of dinner. I just want to behave in a way that a healthy person would behave around food. Not have anything trigger me. Not the number. Not stress. Not being tired. Whatever. I just want to behave normally. Something I’m not sure I’ve ever done in my life.

      I think it’s very healthy that you don’t have those things Fran! I am striving to be more like you in that respect :)

  2. I loved your post and I am very happy you joined the challenge. We are all in this together and like you said with all of us supporting it each we will succeed!

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