August Recap

Here’s the verdict on August:

1) Food journal every single day. Whether online, on paper, on post-it notes, whatever. Every day journaling. Everything consumed.

Didn’t fully happen. I did journal a lot though, which led to my ultimate frustration, point counting, numbers, being hungry, etc.

2) Gym twice a week.

Garrrrrr! I went once. This has to stop.

3) Running: 85 KM this month.

I ran almost 95KM this month!!!

4) Add some really good things to my victory log

I added a few things – but I would like to be more focused on the good outcomes of each day.

5) Read another book

Picked a book. Carried around said book. Didn’t read book.

6) Take my measurements (but don’t get on the scale!)

Got on the scale and took measurements. Bones of Contention. Shifting focus.

7) Make at least one new recipe I’ve been meaning to try for the last bazillion years.

ha! well, *I* didn’t, but Hubs did. Does that count?

8 ) Write to my grandmother

Good Intentions…

9) Make appointment for my new tattoo

September 18th for my consult! YES!

10) Visit both of my girlfriends who just had a baby.

Had plans with both, one had to cancel, the other one I got to see and meet her new little fella!!

September goals are coming and a recap of my conversation with Thor – whom I recommend you follow on twitter – and Ellie, my Weight Watchers leader.

8 thoughts on “August Recap

  1. I like this idea. Think I’m gonna start doing monthly rather than weekly goals, and recap them. Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, have an amazing time in Roma!

    1. Monthly goals feel like a little bit less pressure, at least in my head! Thanks very much – Rome was fabulous! Now to get back in the groove and get my goals down for SEPTEMBER!

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