The Results are In

I talked to my doctor today about my blood tests. The Good News: Nothing is wrong with me.

I could say there is bad news. But there isn’t. Nothing is wrong with me.

Am I sad, frustrated, and being driven completely mental by all of this, yes. But nothing is wrong with me.

I have to come up with another game plan. Weight Watchers isn’t working for me. It should, because I’m not only following the program, but also because nothing is wrong with me.

I have received tons of advise. Suggestions. Ideas. I appreciate them all. I have to let go of the goal to lose weight and have a different goal. Losing weight isn’t working. No wonder it’s so frustrating.

So. There it is. Nothing is wrong with me.

In other news (and for the love of all that is holy, this is WAY more important and worrisome that my own issues), my dad started his cancer treatment and he is doing very fine. We talked and laughed for about an hour and he has such a great attitude. I can learn a lot from my dad!! He has cancer! I’m slightly overweight! Duh! I can’t wait to see him in March.

6 thoughts on “The Results are In

  1. hurrah for dad! :) its amazing to see people like him, keeping their head up dispite their circumstances. maybe i’ll be like that one day. for now i’ll just say its awesome that he is.

  2. YEAH there is nothing wrong with you!!! And so good to here about your dad. Keep being positive and regroup something will give not when you want but it will happen.

  3. So glad to hear about your Dad. You must feel so relieved, just hearing his voice and knowing he’s handling it well.

    WW is awesome, I’m sure. But I’m seen many people get off of it toward the end of their weight loss, and work in some other fashion to lose. Sometimes I’ve wondered if it’s just because everyone’s body is different and maybe the proportions of carbs or protein or whatever, don’t work for some. Curious about htat.

  4. So glad to hear your dad is doing so well!
    And, I’m also glad to hear nothing is wrong with you. Also, I’m upset to hear nothing is wrong with you. It’s a crazy situation.

  5. Congrats on not having anything wrong with you! I’m in the same boat – nothing wrong with me either, work out like a fiend, eat mostly healthy in a way that made me lose weight before and… nada. I gained 10 lbs last year. If you find the magic bullet, let me know. I’m frustrated too.

    Good thoughts to you and your dad. Glad to hear things are going well so far!

  6. Maybe you should let go a bit about the weight loss. At the pics I see of you I see a beautiful woman who isn’t overweighted in my eyes. Focus on the running and strength training and the weight loss will maybe come with it. Maybe not but you know you will tone your body with it.

    I’m losing a bit weight with WW now but my subscription ends on March 9th and I think I’ll quit then because my priority is the half marathon in April and not the weight loss. Besides like you I’m doing everything right so why would I need them? I know what’s good for me and you do too.

    Glad to hear your Dad is taking the treatment so well. It’s amazing how someone who has to deal with cancer can have such great spirits. I’ve seen that with my Dad and I’m seeing it now at a friend who has breast cancer (she’s not even 30 yet).

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