Week In Review:: 27 Nov – 4 December

Oh wow! Decemeber already!!! Unbelievable!

This has been another crazy week, I can tell you! No time for much catch up. Once again I wanted to share with you a foodie post prior to Sunday, but lucky reader… you will get that today!

So the week ended/started out all right with my “new” Sunday ritual of roasting vegetables and prepping for the week. AND an 8K run in the evening. Running is going well, it feels good and I’m glad to be doing it. Sunday I ran through town a bit because to be honest I prefer different routes vs. running around the park several times. I’m then paying less attention to how many more kilometers I have to run and more attention on my surroundings and maneuvering my way back home.

Monday was my regular day to come home early from work and relax in the evening, but with all the things going on at the moment, I wasn’t able to leave on time. Tuesday was an absolute nightmare – I left for work but I only made it almost half way when there was a big problem with the trains. I had to turn around and go back and work from home instead. Since this was my busiest day of the month it was not stop people asking me questions (over IM), calling, emailing, problems with the system… basically working from home is supposed to be less stressful but it was by far the worst day of my week! I *did* go for a 6 K run on Tuesday evening (once I finally got to sign off), but when I came home I had two missed calls from my boss and a bitchy email, so I knew I wasn’t quite finished yet. It was a day for a LOT of coffee:

Italian Roast in Italian Roast

Luckily I had prepared my food for that day so I had something healthy to eat and wasn’t just reaching for anything, like this tuna, rice and green bean salad:

Wednesday and Thursday I worked late. I wanted to go to the gym Thursday but as I had my friend Kary coming to visit me on Friday (for the weekend) and I still need to clean and tidy up, this just wasn’t going to happen. Sadly, this was the first week since October 1st that I haven’t been to the gym.

Friday I left early because K arrived!!! I wasn’t quite sure what we were going to do for the weekend since I am sort of out of the loop when it comes to guests. My dad and stepmom were here earlier this year, but they didn’t stay with us, they stayed at a hotel near the station. I haven’t had anyone come and stay for probably 10 years! K made it really easy though and I did imagine in the back of my mind that we would probably just spend a lot of time talking and that’s exactly what we did! Hubs made a great dinner for us on Friday, Saturday we spend the day in town drinking coffee, talking, eating, talking, drinking wine and then eventually we went to our favourite Thai restaurant in town. Sadly the weekend flew by and K’s already on her way back to Sweden.

I’m going to now probably have a cuppa (or more specifically a shot)

and prep my food

Sundried Tomatoes and Roasted Vegetables

I’m eating Peas now!!!

Peas are my new love

My breakfast this week has been only yoghurt, fruit and some nuts (in this case almonds). I’m waiting now until about 7:30 to eat, though admittedly I’m pretty hungry by then.

A friend of mine actually gave me this “energy bar” – I was really hungry Thursday morning and remembered I had it in my bag (it’s vegan too!)

This coming week will also be a bit unconventional – I’m having dinner with a friend tomorrow night, but Tuesday I took the day off to go with hubs to some doctor’s appointments, then by Thursday I need to come up with a dish I can share with my team; Friday we have a sort of Pot Luck and we all have to bring something that represents where we come from… again, tons of food on Friday that will not exactly be part of the plan…

Looks like gym’s going to happen on Friday after work…

How did your week go? What are your plans for the upcoming week?