Wednesday Food Fest

As I’m trying to bring more life to the blog I thought I would try to have at least one regular post per week. I have a pretty busy life and I know I’m not alone; we are all trying our best to eat well and be healthy AND come up with new ideas for meals at the same time. I keep finding recipes I want to try (and don’t ) and while my food is pretty much the same week after week I do try to change things up from time to time.

I really love leftovers since I changed up my diet a few months ago. I also love taking a bit of “gravy” or even fat and juice from the previous evening meal and then use it on something else. For example, Monday night the hubs made roasted chicken and potatoes for dinner and it was absolutely divine. There was quite a bit of gravy left over so I took three frozen chicken breasts (at 100g each) and basically marinated them in the juice all night. The chicken I buy in a box of 5 as I find it extremely handy to have and it’s the exact portion I want.

Tuesday morning I took the chicken and put it in the roasting pan, chopped up two half bell peppers and some sweet potato, added some sea salt and 1tbsp of olive oil and threw it in the oven. While that was busy I then steamed some broccoli and prepped the rest of my food for the day (including what I make for hubs daily). Here is the result:

I can’t tell you just how satisfying it is to have a meal like this at lunch time. I have very long days and on a day like Tuesday – I went running directly after I arrived at my home station – this meal gets me pretty much through the entire afternoon. Now I also have two other pieces of chicken to use this week, maybe in a salad or for breakfast. Whatever floats the boat at the time :)

What are your favorite meals for during your work week?
Do you plan ahead?
Use leftovers to create a new meal?
Do you get up early each morning or cook huge batches of food in the weekend?

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Food Fest

  1. That looks absolutely amazing!

    I try to plan ahead with meals, but those plans tend to fall apart pretty quickly. I do love me some leftovers though.

    1. Hey Steve! Thanks! It was indeed very tasty! Many colleagues were jealous! Ha!
      do you cook yourself and have leftovers?
      When you plan and those plans fall apart is there anything you can do to prevent that?

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