I told you it was hot and sticky?

Oh my. I went running today after work. I thought I would die. Breathing is tough in this sort of humidity. I wonder how others get through it.

Not only am I as red as a ripe italian tomato, I also noticed I need a new sports bra (again — damnit why haven’t I arranged this since the Rotterdam Ladies Run when I noticed it the first time?)

You see I am not always looking perfect on photos!

10 thoughts on “I told you it was hot and sticky?

  1. Oh Renee, you look fabulous! Geez,you’re OUT there, running, which is a hell of a lot more than the majority!! I can’t handle the heat/humidity either, so i run at 6-7h, every morning…even on those super-hot days it’s tolerable…and i moved from baseball caps to thin runner’s hairbands my friend sent me from the states…WOW! What a difference in cooling the head off and still look stylish! (especially with my icky post-chemo hair) ….

    1. ah thanks Suz! I would love to run in the morning, but alas I am doing food prep from about 5-5:30 and then it’s get ready for work time! I already leave the house at 6:30 … *yawn*

      I keep meaning to get some bondi bands or something like that for my hair, it would sure help to cool down! what kind do you have?

      1. Actually my friend sent me three different kinds, two of each! All different colours…all fab. For the first time i’m not embarassed to go outside without a cap on…losing my hair was devistating, these have been a godsend!

        1. that’s so nice of your friend Suz. I can imagine it was hard to lose your hair! all for the greater good, eh? and look where you are today!

  2. I would have died too! Great job. And welcome to the red face club, we are a group of many and proudly showing our red faces ;p

  3. Awww, you rock girl!!!

    I have an almost carbon copy of your last image from last Sunday’s run (also aka’D as “I-am-too-stubborn-&-insane-run-BUT-thank-goodness-I-have-a-supporting-husband-to-support&pick-me-up!”), and OMG how I love you for sharing this moment!

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