Wednesday Food Fest:: Weighing and Measuring

19 September, 2012 Off By Renée

So, do you?

Or are you one of those free-for-all “that looks like 100g” kind of people?

I’ve tried to get by with that and let’s just say that eyeballing doesn’t work for me.

To put it this way – I pretty much weigh and measure EVERYTHING.

One of my favourite snacks, which could be easily just done by winging it, is my daily youghurt and fruit. But it’s not any old kind of plain sour yoghurt, no. It’s Bulgarian-style Yoghurt. Typically this would be made with fat creamy goat’s milk, but this one is made from cow’s. It’s not low-fat. It’s not non-fat. It’s 3.5% fat. I’m a true believer in everything in moderation, including fat. We need it. Think of your body like a car – you wouldn’t run your car without oil would you? I mean, you could, but eventually you are going to wreck the engine. Nothing wrong with a little bit of fat.

I have, pretty much every weekday, around 125g of this yoghurt, with typically 50 g of two types of fruit (sometimes I splurge and have three). I try to keep my fruit under 200g.

While it may seem a bit controlling, I like knowing just how much I’m eating and how that all fits into my daily nutrient and calorie levels.

mmm, yoghurt. can I have some too, Mom?

What do you do to keep things in check with the amount of food you eat?