I love Numbers – (week) 9, 12(K), 14 (days to Berlin)

As you know I started Week 9 with an 18.5KM run. 18.5 people. That’s 2.6 KM from the total Half Marathon.

It could have been better. It was fine. 2:11, right? That’s ok.

But I learned a few things:
1) Don’t drink 3 cups of coffee before running this distance. Even if you have gone to the loo 12 times before you go out on your run, you are still going to have challenges.


2) Tie your shoes properly. I think because my shoes are new, I haven’t found that perfect tie yet. If you are a runner, you know what I mean.

Sometimes putting on your shoes is the hardest part of the workout.

3) No, you don’t have to stop. Not for any reason. Well ok, if you are going to vomit or soil yourself perhaps. But you don’t need a little break.

4) you are stronger than you think. stop letting your mind take over the task. You CAN, you CAN, you CAN.

There was one other lesson and it may sound conflicting… – give yourself a break. if your body really needs rest then LISTEN.

The rest of Week 9 did not go according to plan. Oh I had my rest day. I did my cross-training on Tuesday. Wednesday was my next scheduled run, and I was working from home so that I could get it done during the day rather than go to the gym. The last two Wednesday morning runs weren’t that great so I thought I would be clever, I would wait until lunchtime.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, it started snowing at 12! Normally it wouldn’t bother me but I’ve had this nagging cough for (now, more than) 2 weeks and I honestly didn’t want to make it worse. So, the Hubs was already planning on going to the gym after work, I phoned him up and asked him to come get me first.

I managed 7KM on the treadmill. Training plan was 10. I.just.couldn’t.go.on. (more body than brain this time)

Thursday was running at work day. Didn’t happen. Decided that morning that my legs were just too wrecked and I didn’t want to risk it. I wanted to do my intervals on Friday.

Friday was probably the worst day. I actually started feeling ill before lunch. You know, that tickly throat, heavy feeling in your eyes and nose kind of ill? I had my stuff ready to go to the gym, in the car (hubs was heading to the gym as well, so I didn’t have to schlep it to Amsterdam), but there was absolutely NO WAY it was happening. I went home, drank cough syrup and Hot coldrex and passed out under blankets on the couch.

So. All in all. TWO runs. One at 18.5KM, one at 7. And a cross-training session. Stellar.

At least I can say I already felt MUCH better on Saturday, still took it easy; in fact went and got my hair did and although the price isn’t pleasant, the after affects are good.

Today starts Week 10

On the training schedule was 11.5KM – 70 min in D1 and 10 in D2. Hubs and I were discussing the right HR zones, etc., so I decided to keep an eye on my heartrate for the majority of the run (D1). I checked Garmin for my fast 10K race to see what my HR was. In general it was around 155-158. I ran all the way and felt pretty good so I decided to try for just a little bit lower HR. What I ended up doing in 70min D1 and 10min D2 was 12 Kilometers, so a half more than what my schedule calculated out for me. This is only good news my friends! It means I’m getting faster and more efficient! It was even very cold and extremely windy out and I still did a half kilometer more in the same time!

With one of the lessons above (and after discussing with T on Facetime yesterday – yay facetime!! – and with Hubs this morning) I decided there would be no stopping. No “little break”. Time to keep an eye on the prize. I’m not against walking during a run and I don’t judge anyone that does it, but last week honestly it was more painful to restart and complete the 18.5 than I think it would have been if I would have just kept going. So, today, was full on, 1 hour and 20 minutes of running. May not be a big deal to others but for me this is really overcoming my brain trying to get the best of me.

Next run in Wednesday – same distance but with 20 min in D2. Let’s see how it all pans out.

Did you know it’s only 14 days to Berlin????

I got my confirmation!!!!!!! *twirls*

I feel a bit like Perez Hilton with this screen shot...
I feel a bit like Perez Hilton with this screen shot…

Have you got any good races coming up?

4 thoughts on “I love Numbers – (week) 9, 12(K), 14 (days to Berlin)

  1. You go girl!

    Your advice on no walk breaks made me smile since I train with a RWR schedule (run walk run). That is such a great way of running and training! Walk breaks are natural and even beneficial and…. you often go faster as well :) So.. if you see someone walking (yes: especially at the beginning of the race), it might be me :-)

    Happy running next Sunday!!

    1. oh Max don’t get me wrong about walking! I don’t judge! I just have this thing that my brain tells my body to stop when I don’t really need to. I found that on my long run of 18.5 it hurt more to start up again than it did to just keep going. the first half I did I walked a lot. I decided, for me, the only way to do this, this time, was to keep running :)

      Walk on! all the best to you!!!

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