A Late February Wrap Up

I meant to wrap up much sooner than this but I’ve been incredibly busy.

These were my goals in Feb:

Diet, Health and Fitness
Food – Log in MFP, strive for on target or a deficit each day – I did not have a deficit each day but I was more consistent, logging everything for 21 of the 28 days
Water – 3 x 750 ml bottle per day – I drank my minimum every day (I count herbal tea as well), some days more than others but I reached the desired amount
Coffee/ Tea – less coffee, more herbal tea (at work) – definitely had less coffee and more tea
More “no alcohol” days – this one I forgot to track properly, but I believe days I had alcohol only 6 of the 28 days
Weigh-in 28/2  goal for Feb 3KG – I “only” lost 1.8KG.  So that’s good.  On the other hand I’m disappointed.  But yeah, I was not consistently with a deficit and the days I didn’t log (or didn’t log fully) I was most likely over desired calorie intake for the day.


Biking  – on off days –  I did not bike much in February.  Though I did do some biking cardio when I was at the gym
Running – with my training group only (3x per week), to minimize impact on the knees –  this one was consistent
Gym – 2 times per week minimum, cardio plus strength and stability – I would say this was about 90%.  I did go 2 times a week, I did do cardio plus strength, I did not always do stability.

Household stuff
Some effort made each day in the house (at least one of these):
Kitchen tidied
Living room tidied
Bathroom tidied
WC cleaned
Laundry run
Laundry folded, put away
Sheets changed

I did a lot more household stuff in February.  And while my house is not perfect (and probably will never be) I feel good about the fact that I’m doing it.  I doesn’t take much effort and once things are tidy it’s easy(easier) to maintain.  Laundry remains a huge mountain that no one wants to climb.

Learning and Well Being
Study 1 hour + per day  – I did not do this daily, but I did get myself a bit more structured in studying
Small note each day to reflect – I did this every day!
Log kept to track goals – I kept my log and then for some reason last week I threw it away!!

February was ok, still stressful and not as consistent as I would like.  Am I being unrealistic?  Are my expectations too high for the load I’ve put on myself?

I don’t expect any comments here, since we are almost halfway through March, but I wanted to at least record that I did make some effort.  What I learned the most is that writing things down and creating a visual actually helped me, not just with food, but with the whole picture.  Food, water, activity, house, etc.  So I will continue to do that!!

Do you write things down so that you can visualise your goals for the month/week/day?  Or do you keep everything “electronic”? 

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    1. not sad at all. I’m definitely looking at photos as well to trigger my memory. but I can’t blog every day; I guess I have time but I have to try and keep school at the top priority (yet here I am on my blog responding to comments because I love having the conversations on the blog).

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