Wednesday Weigh-In Week#2

Admittedly I didn’t track as much this week.  I find it very hard when I’m not at home and not eating my own planned out home-cooked meals.  The Weight Watchers app, for example, doesn’t tell you how many points a pizza at Jamie Oliver’s Pizzeria is… (and let’s be honest, I am not going to eat a half a pizza or just a slice #truth).  However I had a TON (and I mean a TON) of activity points.   I tried to track as much as I could.  The regular food I’m eating I now have an idea of how much it “costs”  so that’s keeping things in check.  And… in some cases I made alternative choices that what I normally would have done.

The new week starts on Wednesdays and this will be another challenging week for tracking since we are off to Liverpool on Friday until Tuesday next week.  So… I need to keep my alcohol in check for sure and try to be sensible the days before and after the Half Marathon.  I don’t drink a lot, but it’s a serious party this weekend with loads of friends and a favorite bar with amazing G&T’s so…


Without further ado, this week’s result:



So, it’s not a great result if I’m honest but it’s still a loss and that means 1.1KG in total.  It’s the right direction.  I think what I had to eat last night at a work function may have had influence this morning on the scale since a few days ago I peeked at the scale and I was down 400 grams.  But in any case I need to track because without tracking I can’t really go back to see how I can improve things.

So tell me:

What are your best tips for staying on track while a few days away from home? What sort of snacks do you recommend I have on hand so that I don’t get too hungry while out and about?


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  1. Its very hard to stay consistent when out of your element. If I am able I pack in advance but if not I just make the best decisions I can and give myself grace.

    1. Yes I think I’m going to have to rely on best decisions for the most part!

  2. It’s still definite progress! I tend to try to be more active when I know I’m not going to be eating as well. Some of my favorite snacks are hardboiled eggs, greek yogurt, fruits, and nuts!

    1. Thanks Farrah. We will be active for sure. So I’m not too worried about that. I will see about getting some fruit I can easily carry around. Not sure how well eggs and yoghurt will do in my backpack though haha! Nuts are always good but I don’t think they are super WW friendly right now. I’ll check to see how much they “cost” me.

  3. It’s so hard to stay on track when I know I’ll be eating out a lot. I really try to order foods and side dishes that aren’t fried or with heavy sauces. Great work so far!

    1. that’s a good one. I’ll do side dishes, salads and chicken (for example) except for pasta night (saturday) and after the half. Thanks Wendy!

  4. You managed to take 1.1 down!! That is so good! Be gentle to your self. That would be me advise as for the ‘on the road snack’. Dont be to hard on yourself. Frustration means stress and stress means kilos. You will do perfectly, running and eating. Xx

    1. thanks Kimi xx you are right, I will try not to stress about it to much and just be sensible!

  5. A snack that I really like (that keeps me feeling “full”) is trail mix. The tricky aspect of that, though, is portion size. I found a packaged mix that includes various nuts and cranberries (no chocolate!) so it gives me something to crunch on and has just enough sweetness to calm down any cravings. That said, if I don’t bag it up into reasonable-sized portions, I’ll mindlessly eat the entire bag.

  6. It really is hard when you are traveling but my rules are to stick with something high protein and good carb when I eat out. Snacks I love to have with me are almonds, I take protein powder with me so I can just mix that up with some water for a shake. Keep up the good work!

  7. For me the trick with eating healthy on a trip is packing food for me to cook instead of eating out so much. We do a lot of road trips so that’s not too hard for us.

  8. Mini babybel kaas. Not sure if you can get the light version in NL but that is one SP and paired with a piece of fruit is a good in between snack. Big fan of premeasured out nuts with fruit or veg. Easy to make is overnight oats you can have the dry mixture in baggies or containers and add yogurt or milk to it when you get to your destination. My dry mix includes oats 32 gm (3 sp), chia seeds 11 gm (1 sp) protein powder I like some form of PB2 12 gm (1 sp), about
    5 dark chocolate chips (0 sp). What foods do normally eat during the day?

  9. A loss is a loss. It’s the small things that add up to big changes. You’re doing great and you will be to that target weight before you know it. You got this!

  10. Um I ate half a pizza last night.

    Yes, it is so hard to eat healthy when you are not home.

    My only advice is to make sure you stay active – take the stairs, walk walk or run if you can. Maybe even go to the gym

  11. I absolutely gain weight when on vacation. It’s my time to cut loose. But then again, that tends to be my downfall in general – I always seem to find reasons to make excuses for poor eating. I’m still at the point where it’s nice not to have to think so hard about what I’m eating from time to time. I’d love to get to that point where I just naturally make the healthiest choices. Somehow I think it’s always going to have to be an intentional thing.

    1. I don’t know if this will ever “naturally” come to me. It’s like I was saying in another post about pizza for example – I don’t eat 1 slice or a half a pizza. I eat a whole pizza! why? I don’t know. Because I like it? Because I’m greedy? Some people seem to naturally just eat half a pizza and they are good. It’s only been the last few years that I haven’t had to clear my plate. I can actually leave food now or give it to my husband. This stuff takes time. Apparently A LOT of time.

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