WRD – Week 10 Game Over 10KM (for now)

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Plan vs. Actual

Monday – 3.25KM walk, GLI gym 1 hr intake – no workout (appt w/different PT), 3.5KM biking
Tuesday – 3KM walk (office day) to and from train station
Wednesday – 3KM walk, W6R1 run, 6KM, GLI 1 hour, gym 55 min
Thursday – 2.22KM walk, gym
Friday – 2.75KM walk, W6R2 run , gym 55 min
Saturday – 2.5KM walk, parkrun in Alkmaar 5KM, 17/17 Dutch parkruns done!
Sunday 2KM walk, long run W6R3, 1.4KM w/u walk, 10KM run (!!!)

Another week has come to a close and I wouldn’t say it was remarkable, but it was fine, it was good; we are getting closer and closer to official spring and closer to my surgery date!

So without further ado:

  • Monday – BodyPump
  • Tuesday – RPM, shake-out run home with a couple of 100 m sprints
  • Wednesday – RESTTeam Pie’s Wedding Anniversary
  • Thursday – REST BodyPump? 5 – 6 KM run with 3x 1000m intervals
  • Friday – 8 x 200’s at Runiversity + 1 500 @ 4:35 mpk
  • Saturday – REST (Ron has a 10KM race in Haarderwijk)
  • Sunday – RACE CANCELLED 10KM Race in Den Haag (with Ron as my pacer)

I’d say this week went about 80% according to schedule. Nothing super exciting. BodyPump on Monday was challenging as we are now in “mix weeks” – that is to say, if you don’t do Les Mills classes, we have a new release (music and specific exercise routines) every 3 months, we do that release for 2 months and then for one month the instructor creates their own mix of previous songs and routines. But a number 1 song (warm up) always stays number 1, a 3 (arms) stays 3, etc. So if you Pump for a while then you may remember certain songs and routines. I haven’t been doing it that long so I only know a couple of releases. I did at least recongize one song/ routine so I felt like, hey, ok I’m not a newbie anymore.

I don’t lift heavy – I just try to be consistent and add weight as I feel necessary (like when it gets too “easy”)

Tuesday I had a lunch walk (since my laptop was updating with 27 different kinds of software and I couldn’t do *anything*. After work we (Ron and I) had RPM on tap and my trainer wanted me to do a heart rate run home with some 100m sprints included. I was not looking forward to the run after RPM because …. RPM is also in the mix weeks and Anne (my other favorite instructor) seemed to have chosen most songs/routines to set our quads on fire. But… I did it. I gave Ron my stuff to take home and while he drove away in the luxury and warmth of the car I made my way home over the bridge in the dark and cold.

signs of spring

Luckily for my legs our anniversary was Wednesday, It was a total rest day. We had a nice dinner at an Italian place we like in Velp (where we live in Arnhem is on the edge of Velp), I had two glasses of wine as well and then found out later that wine really has an effect on my sleep quality. More nightsweats and a really crappy sleep. Thanks, menopause.

Priscilla sent us this greeting today (via the Boy *wink*)

Thursday I was happy to get out at lunch for a walk. The day started out with rain and wind but had cleared up by lunchtime so I took advantage. It was still a bit blustery but I was really enjoying myself and walked a bit too far – oops! I probably walked about 5KM. By the time I left work the weather changed AGAIN and just as I got on my bike to ride home it started bucketing down. Also? I hardly had to pedal the wind was that strong. Ah, springtime in the Netherlands! At that point I decided there was no way I was going out to run in monsoon conditions so I took another rest day.

The “steenen tafel” at the top of Park Klarenbeek
I like to take photos of animals when I’m out on my walks and then send them to Ron with captions.
That rainbow looks like it lands on top of my apartment building but it was much, much further away!

Friday – my day off! Bit of lie in (seems to be the theme lately, but it helps when I have crappy sleep during the week), did some practical things (like hanging up my clothes again, rearranging my drawers and throwing stuff away), watched Netflix, then eventually pulled myself together to go to training in the evening. On the program was 8 x 200’s with 100 recovery @ around 4:45mpk (recovery was just to keep moving, no target). I did those, pretty much all how they shouldn’t been done, and while the others were finishing up their 10 x 500’s my trainer asked me to pick up one 500 with one of the other athletes (the “other” Renée), so I did. He told me she was running it around 5:00mpk and that simply wasn’t true – it ended up being 4:35mpk!

On Saturday I had nothing planned because Ron had a race in Harderwijk (about 1 hour from home), so I decided to go and support. We had another run friend with us, Vincent (another Vincent, not #mytrainervinny) and arrived at the race in plenty of time to pick up bibs and get ready for the race. It was another rainy, blustery day but “only” 10K and the lads were going for speed so I didn’t really have to wait too long. So once the race started and I saw them off, I headed back to the cafeteria (the meeting point was a local school) to sit for a bit and have a coffee. Just around 35 min after the start I headed outside again over to the finish line. But the guys were already in!! So I completely missed them finishing. It’s not because they were fast (well, they were) but because either the course markings were wrong or someone from the race gave the runners the wrong direction – the course was 1.5KM short!! Almost all the 10K runners had a short course. Unbelievable. So anyone who ran short also didn’t end up in the results. Total mess (another friend of mine called it a “shit show” – I’m trying to be nice about it). Ron didn’t even want to take his medal home. I really didn’t blame him. I mean a course 100m short or even 200 – easier to digest than almost a whole mile short. Afterwards we headed home, dropped off Vincent and went into town for a late lunch. The rest of the day was just relaxing and prepping for my 10KM race in Den Haag on Sunday.

and… he’s off!
my one beer a week – all in the name of carb loading! (beer affects the night sweats less – mental note made!!)

Sunday – The Race That Didn’t Happen

Unbelievable, but true. The City Pier City is cancelled due to extreme weather. I get it. It’s windy here inland. The coast is always worse than here. The organisation (and it’s a big race – they have several distances and I know many people who were training for this race) took the responsibility and cancelled it around 7am. The predictions were saying that the temps would drop to zero AND at some point the wind could be 100 km per hour. Yeah, who wants to run in that? Well. I did. I do appreciate when a race organisation can admit that this could be very bad for people, but damn, I’m a PR (not guaranteed) short and EUR 48 (exact amount for 2 x 10KM races) out of pocket now.

Never mind. We ran anyway. Luckily I got to sleep another hour and then I said to Ron that I would just do it (he said it already when we woke up but I wasn’t sure). Running at home 10KM is not the same as race conditions. And we have the rain and wind here as well but it was doable.

So the idea was to run 5:45 min per kilometer steady all the way through. That didn’t really happen. Full Disclosure: I did run an average of 5:57 but I also stopped a few times to take a breather. The first 4KM I was pushing and then I needed a break. In a race the adrenaline keeps you going for a bit, you are following people all around you, you are able to pass people or speed up/ slow down as you like. My appreciation for my pacer (Ron) knows no bounds – he kept the pace and I tried to follow. He stopped when I needed to stop and he didn’t push me, but rather just confirmed to me that it was ok, it was a training but we were just going to keep trying to keep the pace until the end, however many breathers I needed. So in the end, I did not manage 57 minutes (the PR I was going for) but I now understand that running all the way through is actually something that I’d rather strive for than 57 minutes, which is kind of a stretch in the short time that I’ve been training. I’m happy with the result – it proves that I do have it in me. My pacer will likely not be so kind next week in the 5KM race… but then again if I only need to go 5KM then I may as well go for suicide pace and throwing up over the finish line, right?

Coming up Next Week

  • Monday – not sure yet (running? Bodypump?)
  • Tuesday – maybe run with BRENG, depends (otherwise RPM)
  • Wednesday – Pilates
  • Thursday – Course check Nijmegen 5Km
  • Friday – maybe Runiversity
  • Saturday – Possibly RPM
  • Sunday – 5KM Race in Nijmegen (with Ron as my pacer)

As you can see, next week is kind of up in the air. I need to clarify with my trainer what I need to do Monday and I need to clarify with Vincent what BRENG will be doing Tuesday. I’ve already agreed to have a 1:1 training session with my trainer Thursday in Nijmegen. So really only Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday are certain next week.

That’s pretty much a wrap!

How was your week? Have you had a race cancelled due to severe weather? Did you get out and run anyway? What are you watching on Netflix right now? Any recommendations for me for when I’m at home for at least a week recovering?

36 thoughts on “WRD – Week 10 Game Over 10KM (for now)

  1. ugh, I totally feel you on running (or even racing) in the wind and rain. I did a 5K a few years ago, and one of the turn-around cones had either blown over or one of the volunteers was clueless, but the first few runners accidentally cut the course…so then did everyone else because we didn’t know different. The officials acknowledged their error and gave everyone redemption codes to apply to a future race, so I was happy with that. Too bad my “official” 5K finish time (a PR, according to all other published finish times) is a time I’ll probably never beat LOL

    1. oh that sucks too Kim! I think this is sort of what happened, except the race volunteer gave the wrong direction to go (so right instead of left), then realised it and started guiding people properly. But Ron hasn’t received any compensation.

  2. wow 100Km winds does not sound fun I guess I understand why they canceled it. Do you like the repetitiveness of the Les Mills classes? I used to get so bored with the same routines when I tried it but some people enjoy knowing the routine ahead. thanks for linking up

    1. yeah it was insane! With the classes I actually do like the routine; with the routine I actually notice when I’m able to use more weight, or when I’m able to do all the lunges properly. Even pushups – I start off with pushups on my knees but after several weeks I can do them on my toes. So, yes, I do really like it!

  3. I love hearing about Body Pump. I would love to take that class here! It sounds like such a great workout.

    So sorry to hear about Ron’s race on Saturday. That’s just awful that the course was so short. I hope that the race organization at least apologies for the oversight. Ugh! So sorry that your 10K was cancelled today :( I totally understand why they canceled the race though – that weather sounds intense!

    1. I love BodyPump so much. I’m going to miss it for sure after my surgery.

      The race org did apologise, but that’s about it. We’ll never do that race again! The wind here continues, so I do also understand the cancellation – still. was really looking forward to it.

  4. It’s ridiculously windy here today–I don’t know how strong 100km is but it sounds high! We’ve got about 35-50 mph right now. We did some running at CF and believe you me I was glad it was only 125m before I turned around to run with the wind at my back!

    Crazy about the race being so short and yours being canceled! I guess it just wasn’t the week for the 10k…

    1. the wind has continued as well… I’m so sick of it. trying not to complain but … jeeez.

      trying to find another last minute 10KM… stay tuned.

  5. I’m sorry the race was canceled; that’s always a bummer (and usually I take it as a sign that it’s meant to be a rest day, LOL). Sounds like you’re really on fire though! I can’t even imagine a sub-1 hr 10k — I’d have to shave many minutes off my PR to get there & I doubt that’s happening but never say never.

    I am so jealous of the grass & tulips . . .

    1. I wanted to take it as a sign for a rest day! ha! but I’m also stubborn! I’ve only been under an hour now 3 times, so it’s not a usual thing for me! I’m just focusing on it right now, whereas I’m usually about longer distances, then I’m more about endurance and definitely not speed.

      the flowers at least add a little bit of sunshine in otherwise grey days.

  6. Oh that sucks that the race was cancelled! I absolutely hate running in the wind (especially when it’s cold and it takes your breath away) but I would have run it no matter. But congrats on the PR!

  7. Oh, wow! That must have been some wind! I haven’t been registered for a race that has been canceled, but there have been races around here that have been postponed due to hurricanes and the like.

    I can’t believe that course was so short! How annoying and unfair! I ended up running about 2/10 of a mile more than my race distance this weekend and I was fairly bitter about that LOL.

    1. and the wind hasn’t stopped! nor has the rain! I guess if you live in a place where hurricanes happen, it’s to be expected.

      I think we can all agree that long or short – it sucks!

  8. Will they refund you or reschedule the race?
    LEbow was on the cusp of cancellation this year, but it went on as planned. I know the January 10K was cancelled last year but I hadn’t signed up to run it because I’d seen the weather and no. Yay daffodils. I’m not in menopause yet, but same same on the wine

    1. I don’t think there will be refunds, but I think people are upset enough that the organisation is trying to come up with something to compensate. I do love the flowers coming up but the rain to get them to become so beautiful is less appealing.

  9. There have been enough freak accident deaths here due to strong winds causing trees to fall over or lose branches that I would not risk it in a wind storm. Plus running in the wind is pretty miserable. How frustrating on that short course race! One year the Cherry Blossom course was short, but that’s because there was an car vs. pedestrian accident on the course shortly before the race started and they had to re-route at the last minute. The Reston 10 Miler I usually do is always a bit short, but not by much.

    1. we’ve had so many accidents the past couple of weeks involving falling trees, branches, etc. One of the guys from my BRENG group (the public transport bus company) sent us photos of a bus crash that happened because a huge chunk of tree fell onto the bus Monday morning :( no one was hurt, thank goodness but man. As far as short courses, sometimes you know and that’s ok, a hundred meters is ok, almost a mile? not ok!

  10. That is windy!!! I dislike running in high winds because it is just plain miserable.

    What a bummer about your husband’s race. One mile short is a lot.

    1. it is so miserable! I dropped out of the same race I’m running Sunday (I’m “only” running the 5K Sunday though) at 10KM of the Half because it was full on wind in my face THE ENTIRE TIME I’D BEEN RUNNING. That and the stupid sweep bus was right on my heels. I was so done.

  11. As an official … please don’t throw up over the finish line, it always sets off a chain reaction and we are only given one block of sawdust!!!!

    It was soooo windy here on Sunday, I almost got blown off my feet coming around a corner close to home at 15.5 miles in! Ugh! But the marathon will be worse the less training I do, right?!

    1. oh! ha! ok I won’t throw up, I promise! The more we train in all this crap weather though, the better off we’ll be. You never know what race day will be like!

  12. Bummer on the 10k. I know how you were looking forward to nailing down a PR before your surgery. So disappointing. This reminds me of NYCM 2014. We had 30mph sustained winds gusting to 60. It was insane but not cancelled of course. Oh well. I feel you on the night sweats and I don’t even drink. Ugh.

    1. Or like Boston last year – no idea what the wind gusts were but it was insane with the wind and rain (and cold!!). Night sweats are awful – I wish I knew how to stop them!!

  13. Gosh, so sorry about Ron’s race. I did a Half Marathon this weekend, and my husband did the 10km. His course was 200m shorter (which is no where near as short as Ron’s!) but mine was 600m too long. Was a bit disappointed as that means my time is just off, not to mention the struggle to run more when you think you are done. And so sorry to hear about your race being cancelled – I do see why though but that still doesn’t take away the disappointment you must have felt.

    1. I think we can agree that short or long just blows! get the course right! there are professionals out there who can measure it! When I ran the 5K in December I could have already had my 5K PR reached, but the course was 200m short!! So I’m still trying. Anything more than 10 miles, if long, it’s just killer. 600m is not nothing! You already ran 2.5 hours, you want to be done! ha!

  14. I’ve never had a race canceled from bad weather. The longer races (halfs and fulls) are typically run in Spring and Fall, so winter is just short races. However, the race directors pretty much keep the events going no matter what crappy, cold, icy weather happens!

    1. Our first Half Marathon in the Netherlands is in January; it kicks off the year basically AND it’s at the coast. I’ve run it a few times and the weather can be HORRENDOUS, besides 7KM running on the beach… if there is any beach at that moment (once I ran it there was just a one person strip left from the tide coming in so far). They’ve never cancelled that race – it’s been a delayed start, but never cancelled. It is almost spring so no one expected the CPC to be cancelled all together. I’ve only had races cancelled for snow since no one knows what to do here when it snows haha!

  15. I feel you on being bummed about the race cancelations but it sounds like they made the right call with the horrendous wind!! The short race is a total bummer – omg, that is awful!!!
    And I love the captioned pics of animals – hysterical :-)

    1. definitely was the right decision but people are still talking about it / pissed about it! it’s such a big race; this was totally unexpected! I do love to caption animal pics; maybe it’s weird but it just makes me laugh. So easily amused :D

  16. I’m so bummed for you that your race was canceled. I had a marathon canceled the week before the race due to the company putting it on going bankrupt. I’m not kidding! It was in DC with tons of people signed up and no one got a refund… A bunch of people run the course anyway, but we ran the full distance closer to home.

  17. Bummer about the race cancellation, but that is some extreme wind! I’ve had one race cancelled, due to flooding – it was on trails around a lake.

  18. Yikes on 100km wind! That sounds crazy. Too bad about the race cancellation but I guess I can see why given the weather. Great job getting out there and doing it on your own. And too bad about the other race being that short :( Like you said, 100m is one thing but a full mile short is another.

    1. yes totally understandable but such a bummer! Checking around to see if there is another 10K I can do in a race but I don’t have a lot of time.

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