Fit Five Friday – Ultimate Coffee Date Anniversary Edition

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Five Things – Anniversary Edition

If we were having coffee…

I’d would tell you that I have two special anniversaries this month. Twelve years ago, Ron and I were in Las Vegas, after a few days in Scottsdale, Arizona and a day up at the Grand Canyon where we were joined by my Dad and Stepmom and about 15 friends who came to witness us getting married at Vegas Weddings on March 6th (3/6/9; clever, right?)

We could have gotten married in The Netherlands, and we could have gotten married somewhere else (my initial idea was somewhere like Dubrovnik, Croatia), but honestly, I am so glad and still love that we decided to go to Las Vegas to get hitched.

We had the best time and made a nice long road trippin’ vacation out of it, seeing many of my old friends along the way. And after we got married, we went to Los Angeles and hung out there for a few days seeing friends as well, I can’t believe it’s already 12 years ago!

If we were having coffee…

I would tell you that I was also pretty disappointed in myself when we left for that trip. I had started some kind of diet for the 1,582nd time probably a few months before that so that wouldn’t be so uncomfortable on my trip, nor feel so big when I actually got dressed up to get married. In February I had half-ass attempted to start a C25K running program and Ron even joined me on the super early mornings in the park (I wanted to go early so no one would see me). Alas, not much had happened in the weight loss department and I was only about 2 weeks into C25K when we left for the States.

Once we were back from our trip, I started C25K again and have never looked back. March 2009 is pretty much when everything changed. At that time I was also very much inspired by a colleague of mine who was running. Even though I was overweight and just getting started, he constantly encouraged me and was, along with my husband, an amazing cheerleader. Marcellus is, in fact, the person who convinced me to run my first race, even though it would be a year later (exactly a year; March 28th, 2010).

on our way to our first race ever! Fun fact; that is not a running hat. It’s actually a depeche mode tour hat! I did not have “all the gear” back then.
Marcellus, behind Ron

My 4th race; me in the pink hat (got me some gear – yes!) middle front row, Ron on the right front, Marcellus in the back 2nd left

If we were having coffee…

I’d tell you that, speaking of races, it was a year ago (March 1st) that I ran my last race. And.. I remember being kind of nervous about it as well. The whole corona mess was just starting in The Netherlands and most people were saying “it’s just a flu”. <insert gigantic eye roll>. I believe it was a week later that the CPC (city – pier – city) Run took place in Den Haag and they got a TON of crap for not cancelling the race.

March 12th was the last time I was able to work in sports massage and the last day I was in the office regularly for my office job. Ron already started working from home on March 12th. He’s been to the office 3 times since then, and I’ve been maybe about 10 times.

The Last Race I Ran

If we were having coffee…

I’d change the anniversary subject to that of saying how wonderful it is to have massage and beauty shops open again. I’m not super girly-girly but I swear I just want to go out and get all the things done. And so far, just this week I’ve had a sports massage thanks to my former massage-colleague Marieke, and have gotten my hair done. Now I want do have a facial, get my eyebrows fixed, have a makeover, do my nails, get a pedicure, maybe a waxing, some injections to clear up the bags under my eyes… name it and I want an appointment for it!

I think for now I’ll stick with massage and hair but I may just do my own nails this weekend!

Hair – DONE!!!

If we were having coffee…

I’d estimate that since I’ve been married, Ron and I have drank approximately, but possibly even more than, 65,700 cups of black coffee or variations thereof. Remember I used to work for Starbucks, so the number is most likely even higher.

Ron wants you to know that he came up with this particular subject – ha! Fun fact, our first “date” (wasn’t really a date since it started as a friendship thing) was for coffee at Cafe Dantzig in Amsterdam. Strange we met there since I lived in The Hague and he lived in Arnhem. Kind of far for us both to go just to meet for coffee.

Sadly this cafe is closed for good. Luckily we kept going. 

Am I a coffee addict? Yes and no. I used to drink a lot more than I do now. But certainly in the last year working from home, it’s gotten worse again. I try to switch to tea in the afternoons and after dinner (always herbal tea, usually mint). Could I go without? Sure. Would I like to? Not really.

back in the day I used to train others on the fine art of coffee tasting… (back in the day when I had a good manicure as well, apparently)

What would you tell me over coffee?

Where did you get married, if you are married? Where would you like to get married if you aren’t? When did you start running? Was there anyone in particular who inspired you? Did you run your last race in 2020? Have you already been to the hairdresser, the beauty salon, or to get a massage? Would you say you are a coffee addict?

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Here are the guidelines:

  • Your link should center around some kind of fitness (exercise, wellness, mental health, nutrition… the possibilities are endless!)
  • Please link back to your hosts! It’s the right thing to do! 
  • Share the link-up love by visiting and commenting on your hosts and at least two other Fit Five Friday bloggers!
  • Feel free to share about Fit Five Friday on your social media! Tag #FitFiveFriday to get the word out!

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27 thoughts on “Fit Five Friday – Ultimate Coffee Date Anniversary Edition

  1. we have been married for 26 years! Thanks for sharing your wedding photos and sharing how you got started running. I am dying for a massage but not quite ready to be so up close and personal. Hair I have been doing and it’s wonderful!

    1. 26 years married is fabulous! Ron and I said we want to do the 12 years at least 2 more times :) Isn’t it great to get pampered after not being able to for so long?

  2. Congrats on the anniversaries(the fun ones, Tver is). Your hair really looks great! I’m not a coffee addict (nor caffeine either), but I’m trying to learn to like it. Maybe I need a one-on-one coffee session with you for some pointers :-)

    1. Thanks Kim! and you know, you don’t have to like coffee. Why force what isn’t there? But coffee tasting really is a thing, just like wine tasting. I had the best time at SBUX pairing it with different foods and herbs, etc. And of course got to go to Rwanda to a coffee farm which was just an incredible trip for me.

  3. Happy Anniversary, Renee! My niece got married in Vegas and we got to witness it. It was sooo much fun! She even had an Elvis impersonator at her reception.

    All kinds of anniversaries for you in March in addition to your wedding anniversary – first race, last race. There much be something about March that inspires you! :)

    I am looking forward to getting my first massage in over a year. Oh, how I am looking forward to it. Maybe we should all make a plan to have a “spa day” and write about it on our blogs.

    1. Thanks Laurie! How fun that you’ve gotten to experience a Vegas Wedding as well! And March really is an inspiring month for me! A spa day / blog post sounds like a fabulous idea!! Enjoy your massage – what am I saying, I know you will!

  4. Happy Anniversary! I love that you shared your wedding photos :)

    And happy running anniversary Funny this is my run anniversary month too – I started in 2011.

    Yay for the massage! I got one a couple of weeks ago and it was heaven.

    1. Thanks Michelle! And how funny we share a running anniversary month!

      Massage is the best. Even when it hurts it’s like ahhhhhhhhhh once it’s all done.

  5. I LOVE this post! Happy anniversary. You and Ron (from my perspective) are such a great match. Love that it all started with a cup of coffee. And I love that you got married in Vegas. I would expect nothing else from you!!

    1. Thank you so much Wendy! I think we are a great match as well. We actually met each other at a Depeche Mode party – ha! but it was hard to talk because it was loud, etc. But yeah the love of coffee has always been shared by us (and DM). I do feel that Vegas really did suit us!

  6. Happy Anniversary! I love all of the photos that you shared.

    I haven’t had a massage in about 2 or 3 years and I really need one, lol. I still see my ART doctor which helps keep my body in alignment so that’s a huge help.

    1. Thanks Kim! I don’t think we have ART doctors here. At least I wouldn’t know what they would be called. I do go to massage regularly just because I find it’s always helped in the healing process. That and I like supporting my friends. And that it hurts so good haha!

  7. Happy anniversary! How awesome to get married in Vegas! My husband and I got married at the college we both went to (although we didn’t know each other until after we graduated).

    1. Thanks! how fun that you got married at your college! did you also go there at the same time and didn’t know each other??

  8. We didn’t get married in Vegas, but we renewed our vows with “Elvis” in Vegas on our 10th anniversary! I have gotten several hair cuts, 2 pedicures, and 1 manicure, but I have not had a massage. I really want one, but feel it involves more exposure I’m not ready to endure.

    1. Nice! Another Vegas Bride! Even for renewals it counts! you guys have had more things open then we have so it seems like a lot to me! This last closure was I think 3 months. And in August I only dared to go to my hairdresser because she’s a friend. Same for massage. I was seeing my friend/therapist Marieke. Not sure I would have gone to a rando though.

  9. Happy Anniversary! What fun memories! Gotta love a Vegas wedding. We considered a destination wedding but ended up not doing it. Yes my last IRL race was ZOOMA Bermuda back in February 2020. Ugh. They asked about if I’d been to China back then. Ugh. When the shutdown happened I remember first thinking we’d be closed up for maybe a week. Ha! I’ve had two haircuts, probably should go get another.

    1. Thanks Marcia! I also didn’t think we’d be shut this long but I didn’t expect people to act like idiots either. so annoying.

  10. Happy Anniversaries! Always love to learn more about the person behind the blog.

    I wore my sister’s dress for my wedding. Not because we were close — we’re much closer now, but back then, not so much — not because I loved her dress, either. But because I just couldn’t see spending so much on a dress I’d never wear again (and I don’t even know where it ended up).

    My sister is taller, but also a lot thinner (then, anyway).. So I HAD to lose weight to fit into her dress. As you know, I can be very determined. So I did Slimfast for months — 2 little bars a day and one meal. I fit into the dress. Of course that was not long lasting — the next time around I joined Weight Watchers. That worked for me. I’ve done a lot more work since then!

    I was married in the temple I grew up in. It was important to me to be married by our Rabbi, and he passed away not too many years afterward. Although if you asked me now, I’m not sure I would have spent the $$ on that reception, which was really more for my parents & inlaws than for us.

    My last RL race was 2/19 — well, the last half, anyway. Most likely the last actual race was our holiday race at the end of 2019.

    Definitely need a haircut — WAY overdue for a massage — I will probably wait until I’m vaccinated. Which hopefully won’t be longer than 3 months now. I hope!

    1. How fun that you had a Vegas wedding! We also had a destination wedding. Although I loved every minute of it, there was a short time I regretted going away because I didn’t have all the family and friends I would have had there had I got married in my home town ( or even home state). But now that so much time has now passed, I’m sort of over it…lol

      I first started running because I wanted to go to Disney World….of course! My family has gone there every year and one year we were looking for something different to do while there. We came across this 5K race and decided to do it. We signed up in October for a February race ( which would NEVER happen by today’s standards. If you want to run a Disney race in February, you practically have to sign up a year in advance now). After that I was hooked!

      1. I have had slight feelings of regret in the beginning, but definitely not anymore! How fun that you decided to run because of a Disney race! And yeah, that would definitely not happen now!!

    2. I understand not wanting to spend money on a dress. I actually spent about $30 in total on my outfit and about $50 in hair pins! Can you imagine my hair jewels cost more than my entire outfit?! One of the reasons we went away was the cost of the “standard” stuff vs. if we went away. It just made more sense financially. I think if there is a place, a church, a temple that is important to you, you should definitely do that.

      By the way I think I wouldn’t go for a massage if I didn’t actually know what my massage therapist was doing outside of work. But luckily I do since she is a friend.

  11. Great post! Happy Anniversary!! My last race was also March 1st when I ran in Atlanta. Not sure when I will race again. I also would like a massage. It think it’s been 2 or 3 years since my last one. I used to go twice a month for one.

    1. Thanks Zenaida! So we both did a race on March 1st last year! I do highly recommend massage when you are able, especially now that you are running every day!

  12. Happy belated anniversary! I love your wedding pictures.

    I can’t stand the taste of coffee so I’m definitely not an addict. Bill and I got married out in the country in a little white church near where I grew up and my mom still lives. I started running in 8th grade so that was a lot of years ago! I ran my last live race Thanksgiving 2019, but was injured much of 2020 so I probably wouldn’t have run in a race until fall if races were happening like normal.

    1. Thanks Deb! and I love that you guys got married in a little white church! You’ve been basically running forever!

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