WRD: Week 20:2021 Noah Called AGAIN

23 May, 2021 Off By Renée

Ok, for real, y’all. The rain is ridiculous. I know, it’s The Netherlands and we have the reputation for having a lot of rain, but I’m just kind of done now. I’ve lived here 26 years and I don’t recall a rainier May than this year. I could be wrong, of course, but even Dutch people I know are shocked at how wet it is!!

Last Sunday, this was the forecast for the week – and it’s mostly been true…

Now I do realise it is more helpful to not let the weather determine your happiness but COME ON – this is getting old now. It’s almost the end of May now and still only 50F – 58F ????

Anywho. That doesn’t stop the workouts.

Time for the Weekly Run Down

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Week 20 Stats

Monday – 6.38KM lunch walk, Bodypump 97
Tuesday – RPM 66, 7.8KM walk after work
Wednesday – 7 KM AM walk
Thursday – 6.2 Lunch Run – 600m w/u, 5KM run, 600m c/d
Friday – 4.5KM late afternoon walk
Saturday – 8KM run (w/u notparkrun, c/d)
Sunday – 16KM outdoor biking, Bodypump 106, 6.41KM walk


This week I walked 32 KM and I have 46.5KM to go on my Challenge. Total steps for this week then is 80,360 or average 11,480 per day.

I can’t say it was too exciting this week on my walks, much of it was functional, half the walks started dry and either had rain during or at the end of the walk. Lots of animals this week, which I loved though!

First photo is right before the rain Monday, 2nd is right after…
It rained alllll day Tuesday but luckily stopped right around the time I was done with work.
still overcast but at least dry on Wednesday morning
I thought this was a little statue at first! Can’t believe he let me get so close!

Friday I actually spent many hours in the car; I drove 135 KM to my friend Lori’s to pick up some stuff (and I hadn’t seen her forever so it was good to catch up!) and then since Yvonne lives only a half hour away, I went to see her to have lunch. Of course then I had to drive the 135KM home… everything was stiff and sore by the time I headed out for a walk.

Friday late afternoon – checked my app and was happy it was going to be dry! This was 10 minutes into my walk. About 3 minutes later, thunder, a dump of rain and then… sunshine again! MAKE UP YOUR MIND Mother Nature!

so many ducklings in the park lately! I caught them on the sunny part of this walk Friday
Sunday Sheep Sightings


This week I ran 14.2 KM including w/u and c/d in the total running time.

We didn’t have much time Thursday, so instead of my normal intervals, I basically just ran the 5KM parkrun route. And… used it for my #notparkrun time this week. I ended my 5KM of course at the top of the bloody hill so I was kind of toast.

Saturdaysurprise, surprise – it was raining in the morning but at least only slightly. We all confirmed Friday who was coming Saturday morning so we had committed. My friend Linda whom I haven’t seen forever (I met her through the expats group many many many years ago) also joined which was really great. I guess keeping Sonsbeek Parkrun on the radar has been a good thing, even though I find it challenging to post in Dutch and keep things a bit fresh and fun. (I do only post on IG and FB once a week, but it’s being seen locally and that’s what’s important).

I ran with Linda so my time was a bit longer – she’s just getting restarted and really enjoyed the early start. I hope she joins us again soon!

Not the whole group but still 6 of us!

Cross Training

This week I did RPM twice and Bodypump twice. I also was bike support for a virtual marathon relay on Sunday Morning.

I meant to do Bodypump on Monday morning, even set everything out but just could not get out of bed. I even thought about putting it off again to Tuesday and Ron said to me “Why?” Amazing how a simple question like this can turn your attitude around. He had a point. It was ready to go. I had no real excuse. Picked Bodypump 97 randomly just for something different. Of course I was happy at the end that I’d done it.

On Tuesday it was Team Pie Gym Day of course – also did a “new” to me RPM (66) which was really tough. But yeah there was a Godsmack track in there for intervals which pretty much had my heart beating outside of my chest.

Saturday afternoon I’d had enough of sitting around and getting stiff and I didn’t feel like cleaning the house (ha!) so I did RPM 69. Another killer release I’d never done before, which I would definitely do again!

Sunday was a busy cross-training day for sure; the notparkrunners signed up for a virtual marathon relay and we we scrambling to find enough people for two teams. I was going to run one leg (10.5KM) but at the last minute we were able to get our new neighbours to join so I went as bike support. Ended up with 16KM. Fun Fact: My new neighbors are also a Dutch-American couple. She’s Dutch and he’s from Portland, Or. Which is where I moved from in 1994! Small world, right? Of course we could have never known each other or even ran in the same circles because I’m pretty sure I’m old enough to be his mother!

Everyone was so happy to run a “race” together Sunday And our teams did really well – team 1 had a time of 3:15 in total and team 2 had 3:20.

About an hour after we arrived home I had to log on to my zoom date for Bodypump 106. This is a tough release, well known for it’s “leg carnage” squat-lunge track. And in actuality, all of the tracks are hard except for biceps and core. Definitely one to go back to if I’m wanting a bit of a challenge and burn.

That’s a wrap!

How was your week? Do you keep getting rained out or are things improving in your weather system? Have you done a live or virtual race lately? What was your favorite workout this week?