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July Runfessions

So, I just have one runfession really…

You know how I told you last week that I had a 10K race in Amsterdam?

Well. I didn’t run the whole race. That’s my runfession. Let me tell you what happened.

Time Limit Was Not Really Clear

I asked the woman organising our team if she would be able to check what the actual time limit was for the race. She checked and confirmed it was 1.5hours. But what did that exactly mean?

Knowing what I know about races and cut-offs, I checked the website of the organisation. And it stated by the 15K, that you must be able to complete the distance in 1.5hours.

What about the other distances?

That information wasn’t stated at all and I wasn’t really feeling good about it. So I emailed the organisation. Unfortunately they did not reply to my mail.

Race Day

We were asked as a team to all arrive before/ by 2:30pm so that we could make a group photo. The 10K didn’t actually start until 3:15pm but I like to arrive a bit early. Besides that we had to pick up our bibs!

The location was super easy to find (at the University of Amsterdam Science Park) and the meet-up point / bib pickup was at a cafe right next to the start

I located some people whom I thought probably were part of the organisation and sure enough I found the right guys! I asked who I thought was the “main dude” what the actual time limit was for the 10K – he told me “as long as you are in between 4:30 and 5pm you’ll be fine”. Great! Now I know for sure I have enough time.

“Are you really going to run the full 2nd Round?”

As I suspected, once we 10K runners took off at 3:15, I ended up being the last runner. It was fine, I don’t mind, I’m not sitting on the sidelines! It was a pretty warm day with the threat of rain in the distance but we weren’t disturbed by that at all. The route was nice and flat for 95% and I really enjoyed running along the water. My first kilometre was “fast” for me but the remaining 4km of the first round were back to normal.

As it was two rounds, I crossed over the 5km mark (the start again) at 38min. I grabbed a water (two actually) and was fast walking with my water, drinking and catching my breath. About two or three minutes passed at I walked by the first marshal. She literally asked me if I was really going to run the 2nd round, to which I replied “of course I am”. She then said that they did have to clean up the course soon. I started running again, passed another marshal and at nearly a kilometre later there was the sweep bicycle behind me, starting to pick up signs.

Not Worth It

The whole point of running for me, at this stage in my life, is to ENJOY. I really did not want to be “forced” to go faster, to have the pressure of finishing earlier so that they could clean up the course. Don’t get me wrong, being a part of parkrun, we also have to clean up, every single week, but we don’t follow the back of the pack, pushing them to finish before they are really ready.

I just didn’t want the pressure. They clearly didn’t know that I was told I had before 5pm to finish. And for me it wasn’t worth it to be stressed about. At 6.3KM I told the next set of marshals I was turning around and walking back.

Nothing To Prove to Anyone But Myself

In the end I ran/walked through the finish at the total distance of 7.5KM. Then I went to the man I had spoken to earlier to asked him to remove my result, as it was not correct . Sure I’d love to say I ran 10KM in an hour but that’s just not true.

My Runfession

Several years ago I would have been devastated not to finish. And so very disappointed in myself. But now? Honestly I do not care! I will run 10K when I am ready. I wasn’t ready on Sunday. I’m glad I gave it a shot and I’m proud of knowing what my limits are and that I will NOT do anything that does not bring me joy.

This was a “training” for me. This week I have the time to do 10KM, even if I don’t get a cute Amsterdam Pride Rainbow 10K Run medal!

What do you want to runfess this month?

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10 thoughts on “Fit Five Friday – July Runfessions

  1. Since you were told that you would be in the time allowance, I can see how this whole experience might be disappointing and annoying. I am all for having fun doing races and I do think it is nice when they are accessible for all levels of runners. Most of the big races here have time limits but they are clearly stated and adhered to. Seems like you have a good attitude about the whole situation and are ready to let it slide.

  2. Well, I’m really impressed by your attitude. You’re absolutely right- the whole point of running a race is that it’s FUN. Otherwise there’s no reason to do it- it’s not like we’re going to win. You had every right to be annoyed with the way this was run (you were told a certain cutoff time, then they practically bullied you off the course.) But you reframed it as a positive experience. Nice job!

  3. Awesome attitude! I’m so with you on having fun or there’s no point in doing it. I really admire the way you handled the whole situation.

  4. I’m totally with you on it being about enjoying the run these days. Sorry you couldn’t do the whole course but yay for deciding to do what was right for YOU!

  5. That’s a bummer you were given incorrect time limits before you started. I too would not want to be pressured like that. Good for you for having a great attitude about it and doing what was right for you!

  6. I’m really sorry that you had this experience. Runners who are rarely at the BOTP don’t really understand what can happen (although there are some races that really celebrate us!). An afternoon race in Summer is really difficult! I know you’re okay with it and I know it probably is still frustrating. Good for you for taking care of yourself — you are right, you have absolutely nothing to prove!

  7. Honestly, this was stupid. They should not give out wrong information or start cleaning up behind the runners…. I can’t believe you had to experience that. How awful.

  8. Hugs. The one nice thing about Florida is that cutoff times are super generous. I think it’s a ripple effect from Disney races, but it definitely helps take the pressure off. <3

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