Fit Five Friday meets Runfessions June 2024

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Every month Marcia opens the runfessional – a place to let it all out and cleanse your soles; if you are needing to release some sweaty secrets or just want to get things off your chest, here’s the place to do it! 

And for real, y’all, the last time I did runfessions was last year, July. Eleven months ago. I guess I just felt like I didn’t have much to say about running or have anything to runfess. And it’s not like I have a lot now, but I want to be consistent in my Friday posts, so here we are!

Was May Running a Fluke?

Could be. I started May in Málaga which absolutely lent itself to lots of running and I wanted to just continue. And that I did! I ran 100 kilometers in May! The most in, well, forever. I runfess, as of writing this, I only have 41kilometers done this month. The grand total can (and I believe will!) change as we still have a few days left of the month.

Am I the only one?

Prehab/ rehab is so so hard to do consistently! Am I the only one who feels this way? My exercises are hard (but not really) and, they even hurt a bit (well yeah, I’m supposed to be working on my hamstrings). I want to do them, I really do, so why is it so hard executing that. I runfess, I still have been hit or miss with these exercises. Even though I know I won’t improve if I don’t do the work.

I love summer, but…

Why is it only torrential downpour for a month straight (longer actually), right into hotter than Hades? Theoretically I know that getting up early and getting it done (even with walking) is the way to go when it’s hot. When I was in Spain I got up early and I was on holiday!! Again, the struggle to get up early when I’m home and get things done is still so real for me. I runfess that even though I’ve had the entire month of June off I didn’t manage once to get up early and get out the door before it was either monsooning or hotter than the surface of the sun. How do y’all do it???

I had so many plans

I runfess that all my plans to establish routine before I start my new job are still just plans. Not that I haven’t gone out and walked, run, biked and even went to the gym for group fitness and e-Gym, it’s still not consistent. I had other plans too like go see a bunch of movies, have a spa treatment, do some projects in the house, etc. Some things I did and some things I did not do. But as far as my fitness routine, it’s still a work in progress.

What do you want to runfess this month?

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20 thoughts on “Fit Five Friday meets Runfessions June 2024

  1. We are in that same weather pattern: Oppressive heat that blows up into wicked storms. I’m focusing on the glorious daylight before it all slips away. Getting up and at it early is tough! Thanks for ‘fessing!

  2. Establishing routines is tough, which is why I try to not let myself wander from them (even when I’m away from home or off from work). I’m lucky to be an early-rider, so I don’t have the battle of sleeping-in vs. working-out prior to getting to work (most days, that is).

    1. it’s so odd to me that I actually used to do early morning workouts all the time. now they are just a HUGE effort. I’ll get there.

  3. It’s great to have ambitious plans for time off, but it sounds like you really needed time to decompress and recover.

    I swear I didn’t used to be a morning person, but there’s no going back — although I do sleep in compared to Kim H!

  4. My issue is, prehab/rehab exercises are so BORING. That’s what makes it hard for me to be consistent. When I have an injury I’m pretty diligent (because I’m motivated to get better) but then prehab, I tend to let slide.
    Maybe now that you’ve publicly “runfessed” you’ll be motivated to start a great new routine!

    1. SO borning. Seriously. And since I fessed I still haven’t been consistent LOL. But I am trying to do the morning thing now.

  5. Prehab and rehab are boring but I guess I’ve learned the hard way that I have to do them. I am not a morning person at all and in the summer here that makes things a lot harder. Winter is great though! I create different schedules for the seasons. Good luck with your new routine and new job

    1. yes really boring but you are so right – it can go very wrong if we don’t do this stuff!! I think once I’m in the groove of my new job my schedule will be easier to determine. But you are very disciplined Deborah so it really doesn’t matter when you do your thing, you always do it.

  6. I have so many un-touched plans.

    I should focus on what I am doing rather than what I’m not… too depressing.

    I ran before work several times… that’s new. The heat!! and the afternoon thunderstorms are to blame.

    1. well I tend to focus too on what I AM doing but those things I’m not doing are lurking in the back of my brain…

      that’s amazing you ran in the morning too!

    1. I think a lot of people suffer from that sort of amnesia…
      humidity is the worst. seriously. just rain instead of filling my lungs with thick air!!
      I started my job this past week! it’s been amazing!

  7. The whole prehab/rehab thing gets boring pretty quickly and does take up a lot of extra time…but on the other hand, I’ve learned the hard way when I don’t follow through.

    I agree with Coco – it sounds like you really needed some time to decompress after your last work situation! I’m happy for you and the new job – hope it’s a great experience!

    1. yeah I have the feeling that by the time I need to start training I’m going to regret not being consistent… and I did really need the time. I’m glad I had it because I really feel able to take on the new challenge!

  8. I’m hit and miss with my rehab exercises, yes. And I know I feel better when I do them!! I have run more this year so far than I did in the whole of last year so feel I’m going in the right direction, although all the political campaigning I’ve been doing seems to be wonking my knees and wrists. Best of luck with the new job!!

    1. seems to be a common thread Liz. I really do need to start doing them. Half training starts end of August and if I still have tight/weak hamstrings it won’t be helping the situation!! Thank you!

  9. It’s hot and stormy here, too! We had actual tornadoes again on Friday, and it was so scary :(

    I know that once you going with your awesome new job that things will settle into routine for you.

    Prehab and rehab are equally awful, in my opinion. I just want to run without worrying about anything else.

    1. the weaher hasn’t improved much here… but no scary tornados!! I’m sorry you went through that! definitely working on the routine now, it’s challenging for sure because I’m also working 5 days a week again. i haven’t done that for probably 10 years now!
      still not consistent with my exercises. i see some slight regret in my near future.

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