Fit Five Friday and the Ultimate Coffee Date – July 2024 Edition

Good Lordt, it’s again another new month. What. The. Heck!!!! But for me this is a new chapter month and let me tell you I am ALL IN.

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Ultimate Coffee Date – July 2024 Edition

These days I’m alternating between double espresso and flat whites; when it’s been warm I’m all about the iced lattes! Grab your cup and let’s chat a tiny bit!

If we were having coffee

I’d catch up with you on a couple of things –

  1. My new job – all I can say is WOW! What a complete difference to the first week of my last job! I had two days of onboarding, meeting new colleagues, having interactive workshops and learning all about the company. My direct colleagues are kind, interesting and interested in me, we’ve gone to lunch, had lots of chats and I even got flowers. My direct colleague is patient, kind and has a ton of information to share with me and is happy to do so. I know this is “normal”, but you have to remember I haven’t had “normal” for a while.
  2. Running last month took a real dive! There are excuses like weather, changes in and around the house and being busy with organising stuff. It’s OK! I feel like with a successful start of my new job and knowing my days in the office I can now plan for my activities!
  3. Y’all won’t believe this but I RAN TWICE THIS WEEK IN THE MORNING! You are such great support and inspiration that I figured I just have to do it. Do it like my friends do it. Do we love the early morning starts? Maybe not, though some of you seem to enjoy it a lot (Kim, I’m looking at you!), haha!

What would you share with me over coffee? I’d love to catch up with you!

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17 thoughts on “Fit Five Friday and the Ultimate Coffee Date – July 2024 Edition

  1. I’m so glad your new job is off to a good start. You deserve to be a better place!

    Yay on morning running — it’s the only way to beat the heat.

    1. thank you so much! and the early morning running is more about getting it done than heat at the moment… I seem to not really feel like it anymore the more the day progresses!

  2. Your new job sounds awesome!!! I’m glad you’re in such a good place.
    Living in Florida, the early morning is the only time to run now. It would be truly miserable to run at any other time.
    I’m getting envious of everyone’s fancy coffee drinks- I’m just drinking my same old boring tea.

    1. I really have a good feeling about this one. If week 2 is as good/positive as week 1 I may just have picked a winner! The early morning running stuff is more about getting it done and getting into routine. but with my new job I think it’s better to just get it done than try to plan it otherwise!

  3. Ahh, I’m so glad your new job is worlds away from your old one!! That makes so much of a difference! :]

    I’ve been terrible about getting myself up early to work out, so major props to you!

  4. Your new job sounds fantastic so far! I great team is a game changer for sure. Great job getting up and out early to run twice! That is no small task!

    1. Thanks Marcia. Its been SO hard the last couple of years with work, but especially with the last job. Going to try the morning running again next week. I think if I can do it for 4 weeks then it will finally be a habit!

  5. Congrats on your new job, it sounds like you made a good move! Excited for you…. also about the morning runs. Isn’t it glorious? I know it takes some getting used to but I love morning runs (and it’s really the only time to run outdoors in California in the summer).

    1. Thank you! It’s already a huge improvment!! What I like most about going out in the morning is just the silence of people. You only hear the birds and maybe the cows in the morning. wonderful!

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