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August Round-Up

Right. Instead of trying to catch up on everything I’m just going to round up the month: The Good: Dublin Rock’n’Roll Weekend with Babette was fabulous! Not only did we have a great time, we met several runners there and spent time hanging out, eating, drinking, laughing and having fun. I’ll do a post with…

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July No Goals Goals

Not a typo, ladies and gents, this month my goals are…     wait, what? Yeah.  No.  Seriously.  Ok, maybe I have goals but they are regular goals that never change, there’s nothing new and that’s actually not helping me focus on anything.  I mean “Goal:  lose weight”  Right.  How you gonna do that, Pinky?…

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Rock ‘n’ Blog 2016 Baby!!

While I already mentioned it on other social media, I just wanted to post it here: That’s right! I’m a rock’n’blogger again this year! That means another amazing and bling filled year for me, representing the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series (Competitor Group), having some fun and spreading the word to others about how awesome…

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