December Goals Part I

3 December, 2010 Off By Renée

In the spirit of a complete attitude adjustment, there are a few things I want to focus on this month that are not scale related. Part of those goals is to revamp the blog a wee bit and include my food and recipes a bit more (though I will never claim to be a food blogger and if I do include photos they will be of non-professional quality). Most of it involves fitness. Other goals are simply hopes, dreams and aspirations that will last more than just the month of December.
Since I have joined in on DecGTD I made a running goal of 50 miles. Yes, I said miles; though I always speak in metrics, for GTD I even converted the amount of KM to miles -that’s how excited I am to be a part of it! (In case you are getting used to my KM postings, the goal is 80 for this month). It may seem like a hefty goal but it’s literally only 20KM per week, I can get this done in 2 to 3 times a week, easy as pie.
To accomplish this goal, I need to prepare myself a bit for the cold weather. Last year I really don’t recall it being this bad, maybe a few times when I went out but nothing like it was last night. As soon as possible I will need to procure something for my head – a cap with a hole in it (sounds dirty!) for my hair or one of those head/ear wrap thingees, whatever they are called. I have underarmour tights, but I don’t really have a good undershirt to wear. Also I think I may need a better jacket – yesterday I just went out in two jackets, a long-sleeved undershirt and a normal shirt over that and the wind still pretty much cut through me like a knife during the first part of my run. I would also like to get the YakTrax that Brandon mentioned on twitter and DailyMile, especially if we are going to continue to have a lot of ice this winter. I don’t want anything to stand in between me and my running!
Another goal I have is actually concerning races. In December I want to decide on SIX races in 2011 that I will participate in. I talked about doing the marathon in Berlin next September, but to be honest, my brain is not ready for that yet. I would prefer to do a Half-Marathon before a Marathon. Call me a wuss but after I spoke to my friend M who recently ran the Amsterdam marathon (who is basically the one locally who got me into running) and a colleague of mine who ran the Berlin Marathon two years ago I am scared shitless. So, first a Half. I also want to do at least one race outside of the Netherlands, but I haven’t decided where yet. I was looking into a few races in the UK, but I am not sure I want to fly over for “only” 10K (for example, I was looking into the Great Run of Manchester or one in Edinburgh, but both are 10K). This weekend I will be looking into other alternatives; I’m open to Germany, Belgium, France – all easy to drive to or take a train). So for the Netherlands I’m considering the Utrecht Half Marathon and the Marikenloop (and I’m already 99% sure of both of those – Hubs even said he would do the Half as well) most likely the Zuidas (but 16K instead of the 6K I ran last year) and definitely the Zevenheuvelenloop, maybe the Nike Women’s Run as well. In any case, I will commit to minimum six races.
I’m also going to do a race on New Year’s Eve day. If you would have spoken to me several years ago these words never would have come out of my mouth or from my brain to my fingers to the laptop to any previously existing blog of mine. Not only did I not even remotely jog, I certainly wouldn’t have done something fitness related on the biggest night of the year. I would have been all about the parties, probably still hungover from Christmas and have spent too much money on cigarettes and eaten too many pies, cookies, cakes and other “holiday” treats. That’s why this time around I want to end the year on a note that truly represents who I am: a RUNNER.
I still need work on getting to the gym and I really want to sort that out this month. It’s still quite hit or miss and that has a lot to do with the work/stress situation but I do not want to use this as an excuse anymore. I may need to start packing my bag and schlepping it with me to work as much as I don’t want to. It will take a bit of extra planning on my part, because I will need to eat something in the train before I arrive at my home station. I also need to figure out the buses or maybe take my bike. I know there are possibilities; I just have to make it work now.
More goals to come – and like I said some will be long term. I just want to get them all down and make a plan to succeed.

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