Time for a Change. Again.

It’s December, a new month, a new chance. My record is on repeat here -I say this every month.
So it’s time for a change. Again.
Clearly after an entire year of being upset, accepting, non-caring, positive, negative and still not really losing any weight I really have to shift what is really important to me.
There are a lot of things that are important, to name a few:
1) Good Health
2) Fitness
3) Getting enough Sleep
4) Feeling Happy
5) Getting a grip on my finances
6) My Family
(all things equally important here or rather not in any particular order)
Notice how I didn’t put my weight? The thing is, and we all know it by now, I am not super excited about weighing 80KG but I can no longer continue to fight with myself in the manner that I have been.
So it’s a new month. It’s time for new goals. I am excited to announce that I am doing DecGTD or December Go The Distance.. I’ve been following Robby’s blog for a while now and I noticed October’s and November’s Go the Distance but never had the cojones to join in. I mean, I know myself, I’m terrible with challenges and such, but this is different. This is not a challenge.
I’m focusing on running now. That’s what I do. Like today in sub-zero temperatures. I initially didn’t want to go after being hit with a brick wall of freezing cold wind and then I remember just this time last year I was completely debilitated, unable to even get out of bed, let alone walk anywhere, let alone run. I missed my first race I had signed up for. I cried just about every day from the pain I had in my back. All I wanted to do was go outside and RUN and I couldn’t. I vowed then I wouldn’t make excuses or take advantage of what my body is able to do and to be honest I haven’t completely kept up my end of that deal. I have let the work stress once again take over parts of my life and that simply has to stop. In fact it stops now.
I just think about people like my mother-in-law who would give anything to walk, run, ride a bicycle. But she can’t. She can’t hardly even talk because of the stroke she had around ten years ago. I think about the runners that joined Dean Karnazes who suffered through cancer, who lost limbs, who had strokes, etc who run, no matter what, because you never actually know when there may be one day you simply can not run anymore.
So, yeah. I would love to lose weight. And I’m still going to follow Weight Watchers, because, hey, maintaining is actually better than nothing right now. There are worse situations right? I’m just going to focus on the other things that are important.
Next step is to make some goals and those will be posted very soon. I already have a running goal of 80KM this month. Yes, people. 80! I’ll be signing up for some races as well, and I may also be joining Fran in the Utrecht Half-Marathon on the 25th of April!

4 thoughts on “Time for a Change. Again.

  1. Not may join me you are going to join me. Come on: sign up, then there’s no way back :) It would help me so much to know you are going to do it too! And we are so alike: I’m focussing on other things to than my weight (79.8 this morning) Maybe by not being to focussed on the weight suddenly helps us losing it (yes I’m a dreamer I know :lol: )

    1. I’m going to and Hubs is in too!! OMG what am I getting into???
      actually I was also thinking maybe once I totally shift what is important THEN the weight will come off!

  2. OH MY GOD… i’m working on a post about how thankful i am to be running because there are so many people who just can’t. not because they dont want toooo but because physically they cant.

    me being one of them a year ago!

    1. it’s quite an emotional subject for me – I almost feel like I HAVE to for those who can’t. that it’s disrespectful or something you know? my MIL can’t communicate it but I see it in her eyes how sad she is sometimes that she can’t ride her bike or run around with the kids, especially in the summer or even dance. It just pains me so much. I don’t want to take advantage of my body any more than I already have (and I’m tearing up just writing this! geez!)

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