Re-Introducing the Wednesday Weigh-In!

21 November, 2018 Off By Renée

In January I mentioned that I really wanted to get back to 70KG.   Finally, in April, I re-joined Weight Watchers (now called “WW”) to actually realise this goal.  I actually was hoping to just do it on my own (with the help of a coach) but over and over again I prove to myself that I need some kind of structure and guideline to keep me on the right path.


I did lose a few kilos, but a few weeks before the (failed) Warsaw marathon I saw the scale going up again. “No worries” I thought to myself.  This type of thing always happens before the marathon because, you know, carb loading!  Then when the marathon didn’t work out and I quickly decided to give it another go three weeks later, well, I still had to carb load, didn’t I?  See where I’m going with this?


Anyway, with the Amsterdam marathon behind me, plus a quick trip to Las Vegas for Rock’n’Roll weekend I now am faced with the necessity of getting my ish together.


Without further ado –



Today’s weight:  75,8KG  (167lbs)
1st recorded weight on my HealthMate app 16-Feb: 80,3KG (177 lbs)
starting weight (around the time I started the blog, 9 years ago): around 95KG (209 lbs)
*I mustn’t forget what I HAVE achieved even though it’s taken forever

Actually,  I’d like to really tone up and possibly get down to 68KG (this number plus a certain body fat percentage is suggested by the sports doctor at Papendal Olympic Sports Center during my sport and endurance tests this summer) before my next marathon which, if not Chicago (in Oct) will be something else in the fall. I just don’t want to do a spring marathon; I’d rather focus on getting leaner (if possible) and stronger and maybe faster at shorter distances.  I did see some improvement this summer when I was getting closer to my weight goal, so I believe with some hard work and focus, I will be able to achieve this.




I’ll be logging my food again in the WW app. This is a super tricky time of year because of all the candy, pastries, chocolate, pies, etc., that seem to be in abundance for the holidays.  I will practice better self-control.  Monday the wheels came off the bus after lunch because I was too hungry and I succumbed to cookies.  And not 1 or 2.  Full Disclosure:  I don’t know how many it was, but likely in the range of 10? Not proud!!!



I want to do “something” every day as far as movement goes, and preferably in the morning. I do better at movement than I do with food.  I am already focusing on “one thing” a day until the end of the year to get me on the path that I want to be on.  Movement (as well as food, water, vitamins, etc) is part of that.


Mental Health

Gotta admit – this time of year tends to not be the best time of year for me. I miss home, I feel lonely, I am cranky for no reason (northwest European darkness? SAD?).  In fact, just yesterday I felt like going home and crawling into my bed and putting the covers over my head.  And nothing happened, I just suddenly felt that way!  So part of the journey is also to be cognisant of how I’m feeling emotionally and find other ways to cope besides shoving 10 cookies in my face (like with movement!). I know I’m an emo-eater, but I think it’s high time I face up to my emotions and find other ways to cope.



I know many people who currently read my blog are not interested in weight loss or the number on the scale. I know I am more than just a number on the scale, but it’s important to me to get leaner and stronger if I’m going to get any faster and have better endurance in the marathon.  I have talked about giving up my under 5 hour marathon goal but to be honest, I ‘m not ready to do that yet!  I want to fight for it for the next marathon so that means I need to lose the weight and the fat. I could sure use the support and encouragement.


Want to participate with me with “just ONE THING” – a daily thread for the rest of the year declaring one thing you will do that particular day to get or keep you on the path that you want to be on?   Join me on my Facebook Page 


How do you cope this time of year?

Have you gotten leaner after 40 or 50 years old? How did you do it? 

Do you think it’s ever possible for a formerly obese person to ever be happy with their weight, body and/ or athletic performance?