Wednesday Weigh-in: The Remix #1

28 November, 2018 Off By Renée

So, a week after the re-commitment, how did I do?






Last week, if I had to grade myself I’d probably give me a C+.   Quite some effort and quite some non-effort! Ha!



Monday – AM core workout
Tuesday – AM “run” (was more like a wog, but ok, I got out there)
Tuesday – PM BodyPump with Ron
Wednesday – PM RPM with Ron and Vincent
Thursday – nada
Friday – biked 10KM and ran 5KM
Saturday – RPM with Ron and Vincent
Sunday – RPM (2 hours)


Yeah.  Still need to work on this.  Monday I ate a whole bunch of cookies at work.  It’s a thing.  I can’t just eat one cookie or chocolate or whatever.  I don’t really know why.   So after that happened, I decided Tuesday to log everything in the WW app to stay on course.  I was able to do that Tuesday, Wednesday and most of Thursday.    I didn’t touch the app at all since Thursday after work.   I notice I don’t get all my fruit and veg in in the weekend, so I’m trying to focus on that as well.



I give the week a C+ because of the activity effort and somewhat of an effort with food.  However, on Thursday night I went out with Babette, we had dinner and drinks and we ended up being out pretty late.  Mind you I stopped drinking at 12-ish.  Two margaritas and two beers.  And for me that was more than enough.   It was tons of fun but with getting to bed late and having to be up at a decent time Friday (since I had clients in the afternoon) meant I really needed to focus on staying hydrated and eating properly.  Even if you don’t have an alcohol hangover, it can feel like one from lack of sleep.

Ron and I also ended up eating out on Sunday night as well – I had the spinning marathon and then in the afternoon part II of my Mobility Trainer course – so I was away the whole day!  I just thought it would be nice to go out like usual and catch up with each other.



Things I can improve:

Definitely the binging at work / saying no to food that has no added value

Getting up for a fasted cardio workout (or even core training) in the morning

logging my food in the app



If you had to grade your week last week, what would your score be?