Wednesday Weigh-In: Week #2

Wednesday Weigh-In is again a fact:




So, yes, I had a gain, that means though I’m still down just over a pound since my reset. I could say I was disappointed, but I know what I did last week and you know what they say…



And by the way, I absolutely KNOW that it’s not all about the number on the scale.  But right now the number is kind of important since the purpose is for it to go down…  It’s important that I feel good (meh, not feeling that great mentally), that I feel fit (and if you don’t count the fact that I don’t sleep well I feel very fit) and that I also take other things into account like how much water I drink, weight training, etc.


Last week, if I had to grade myself I’d probably give me a C-.   Needs Improvement, for sure but I am not so hard on myself that I would say I’ve failed.


Monday – About a Mile running.   Actually I thought it was going to be a bit more with the guys, but we had a little workshop about fitness watches, were trying on team clothing and then, yeah had a little over a mile running into the town center and back.
Tuesday – 4.25 KM running with Runiversity, 14 KM biking in total there and back
Wednesday – BodyPump
Thursday – 11,794 steps (nothing additional)
Friday – biked 14KM
Saturday – RPM
Sunday – 12,380 steps (nothing additional)


Still not going super well.  I also had way more alcohol last week than normal.  There were days that I committed to at least getting all my water in or all my fruit and veg in so that went ok.  But I just am struggling to not eat crap or just have it in moderation.   I have weight problems for a reason and I haven’t actually solved all those things behind that reason.


I give the week a C because of the activity effort and on some days I did very ok with food.  On Thursday I worked from the office in Amsterdam and after work met up for a friend for drinks and dinner.   Saturday we at lunch late and had a birthday party to go to in the evening.  Sunday we ate out again.   Too much eating out.

Things I can improve:

The things I wrote last week are still on my list

-Definitely the binging at work / saying no to food that has no added value
-Getting up for a fasted cardio workout (or even core training) in the morning
-logging my food in the app


It’s hard when so many people cannot relate to food or weight issues.  I wish it was just so easy to let go and not worry but the thing is,  this was my coping mechanism.  Food and weight was my protection.  I also learned certain behaviors (like binging) when i was very young because I wasn’t “allowed”  to have things at home.  So this learned behavior continually comes back to haunt me.  Even when I want to make changes, the former fat girl in me bursts on to the scene and takes what she can get because MAYBE it won’t be there later.


I know I’ve come a long way but you can’t solve half a lifetime (plus) of issues in a short 10 years.


Is anyone else feeling like all of the food everywhere is just too much and it’s hard to say no to?  I’m not talking about depriving yourself, I’m just talking about how the abundance makes it easier to go overboard?   Do you have behaviors that you are constantly trying to keep at bay? 


By the way I’m doing a #moveeveryday Challenge (you decide how you move each day) this month on my Facebook Page, care to join me?  (Please?  haha! as much as I need help I know it can also help others to keep commitments!!)

24 thoughts on “Wednesday Weigh-In: Week #2

  1. The holidays can be tough. There is so much food and alcohol everywhere. So much temptation!

  2. I have been eating out way to much. Lunch and dinner on Sat. Dinner on Sun and when I work out of town, it’s lunch and dinner everyday. Oy!!

    Let’s not discuss the parties – Sat and Sun this weekend….

    Good thing I don’t own a scale.

    1. it seems too like everyone is scrambling to find time to have a holiday drink or dinner together! not that I’m complaining; it’s lovely to be asked of course! but those lunches and dinners out can add up to tight pants!

  3. I’m a big believer in intuitive eating. Noticing when you are actually hungry vs being bored or eating because it’s there. And also figuring out what it is your body is trying to tell you it needs/wants. I’m also a big hater of “cheat meals” because when you think of it that way you tend to binge eat and then you feel like you messed up so you eat even more. When you feel like having a treat, let yourself have that treat and eat healthy all the other times.

    1. i think if one is able to keep things in control with intuitive eating, it’s a good thing. I have tried it in the past (I actually read a book years ago called “If not dieting, then what?” as I have been stuck on this ride for most of my adult life) and I gained weight. I can’t just have a “treat” like one cookie. Something in me has to just keep going. This is what I need to sort out, then I can stop the behavior. In the mean time, some foods just need to be a “no”. But I agree with you on cheat meals, I abhor the term and think they don’t help a person at all. I don’t even have cheat meals, I just have an issue with self-control.

  4. Staying on your eating plan is so much harder this time of the year. There is unhealthy food everywhere and lots of parties and drinking. I just try to make it through until January! Hang in there and do the best you can

    1. Thanks Deborah. you’re right. and hanging on until the holidays are over is the best thing I can do right now. But I have to set some limits for myself, without feeling like I’m depriving myself (because I know that doesn’t work at all!).

  5. I’ve been feeling like crap lately and it is definitely directly tied to the weight I’ve gained. But of course it’s a vicious cycle. The more I’ve gained, the less I feel like being active, and vice-versa. I’ve made an appointment for a physical at the end of this month. I’m hoping that dragging my ever-growing butt up on a scale in front of my primary (who is a good friend of mine and will tell me like it is) will be the incentive I need to get back on track. We’ll get there.

    1. and woman you need to get on the good track with your marathons coming up next year!!! but yes I agree, it’s a vicious cycle!!!

    1. I feel like that too a lot. I mean when I’m on the “right” path, there is nothing exciting about what I’m eating. Then again I try to look at it as what I need instead of what I want. because what I want is a cheese board and a couple of glasses of cab but that’s not going to help me reduce my weight!!

  6. Oh, Girlfriend. I can relate. No, I don’t have weight issues, but the sweet treats and cheese-loaded snacks are EVERYWHERE this time of year. Even though my metabolism keeps most things in check (emphasis on most LOL), that doesn’t mean I should be indulging in all the unhealthy stuff in front of me. I think a great thing you are doing, though, is not depriving yourself. Keep it up!

  7. During the Holidays I think I give myself more grace. I also feel during the Holidays I emotionally eat so I understand but you are trying to do better so you will.

    1. ah thank you. i am trying to do better. but there are a lot of things that trigger my feelings this time of year. I think it’s high time I find another coping solution besides food.

  8. I think it’s really hard to stay on track during the holidays. Trying to eat healthy is SO hard, especially with all the goodies in the office break rooms and holiday parties!

  9. It’s so hard at this time of year! I think that you are just being mindful of it is great…I know I have to be vigilant about eating around the holidays. The meme is so true…I have one that says “You can’t outrun your fork!”

  10. I feel you on the food and moderation thing. If i have ONE cookie, it’s a gateway to eating crap all afternoon long. If I’m in a sugar craving pattern, my body wants/expects sugar every damn day. I know it’s not supposed to be all or nothing but I have to cut out crap completely to be successful. And yes, time of year is so hard. The worst.

    1. YES. This!!!! WHY is it like this though Marcia? Why can some people just have one and others can’t???

  11. Lady, I can relate to a lot of what you wrote. The past few months I have been listing to a podcast and reading the book, Body Kindness! It has really encouraged me and helped me to shift my perspective on things as well as focus on continuing to build healthy habits rather than focus on the numbers.
    Here if you ever want to chat :)

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