Friday Five : January Runfessions

it’s Friday and the last Friday of the month, which means I’m joining Marcia for Runfessions! 



I runfess that I haven’t run very many kilometers this month.  For a person who was shouting from the rooftops at the beginning of the month what their goals were and exactly how they were going to smash those goals… I’m kind of falling short.  I’ve run approximately 57KM (+/- 35 miles), missed 3 Tuesdays (1 for a snowstorm so, fair enough – the other two were just miscommunication from both sides), 1 missed Sunday and a Sunday long run changed to intervals.     I only run 3 times a week anyway or at least in theory I do.  I haven’t shown that at all this month.  On Tuesday January 8th I found out that I will have surgery again and from there my mojo started going down.   I know now that I will not be able to even attempt the 5, 10 and Half Marathon PR’s before Liverpool (in May), so my brain asks “why bother?”  I know better though and I am going to now attempt the 5K PR only before my operation.   The rest will either have to wait or will just not happen this year.  I had good intentions!!

runfess that even though I don’t have a lot of mileage this month, Friday runs are going really well.  And the Sunday runs I have done generally also went well.   My intervals are running fast and that makes me feel confident!  So I’m kind of not really missing my runs during the week.  Running intervals on fresh legs is something pretty awesome.


I runfess that I may have petered out on Rachel’s 21 Day 100 burpee Challenge.  I may pick it up again.  I may not.  It is a lot.  I didn’t have the best week, I admit.   Sorry. Rach.  It’s  not you, it’s me. 

runfess that I’ve spent a lot of time on the couch this month.  I’m trying to do less because I always seem to be running around doing something; working out, doing laundry, tidying up, working on blog stuff (Ron calls it my “administration”) food prep, etc.   I am really aiming for more down time and less busy-ness.  I don’t sleep well so it’s important I change this somehow.  But now I’ve gone a little bit in the other direction.  Watching a lot of netflix and my apartment in a bit of a state again.  Gotta find the balance!  (I’ve watched the Fyre Festival documentary, the full season of Back with the Ex and the full season of the Innocent Man.  IN A WEEK.  That’s not normal)


runfess I bit the bullet for pilates and am going to give it a go even though I’m kind of sceptical!  And doubting myself!  This is all part of trying something new and definitely a goal I have this year!  I was really impressed that the lady at the pilates studio followed up with me regarding my intro class and assured me that I will be able to pick it up and probably with a bit more ease than others who are just starting to do some physical activity.  She even said that if I need to miss a couple of weeks because of the operation and recovery, then I don’t have to pay for those weeks.   So, next week I start weekly pilates…





Do you have any runfessions you want to make?


I’m also joining Meranda and Lacey for the usual Friday Five!



16 thoughts on “Friday Five : January Runfessions

  1. Sometimes life just gets in the way and that’s okay! Maybe you haven’t been logging as many miles as you would like, but you have been getting in some great workouts, including a bunch of burpees!

    Curious to know your thoughts on pilates!

    1. I hope I can go in Wednesday with a clear and open mind. I know my attitude isn’t always great and it can cloud experiences, but since I’m committing it makes no sense to not believe in it, right??

  2. Hey, life is busy. I totally get you wanting some down time. I need it, too, and have been letting myself watch all the basketball I want (I LOVE NCAA basketball). I bailed on the burpee challenge, too. I’m still doing 20/day (most days LOL), but the high numbers were starting to feel more like an obligation than a fun challenge.I’m busy enough with my daily cardio (usually first thing in the morning), so I don’t have much guilt in letting the extra burpees go. I need to write some more HIIT workouts, and I always include burpees in those…and usually stairs LOL

    1. i do think incorporating them is a great idea! I would like to have a few variations of a workout too – right now I only have one!

  3. I definitely get you wanting some down time. I also get your mojo sliding with the news of your surgery. You’re still getting a lot of workouts in.

    I’m a huge fan of pilates and did it faithfully for years. I’ll be curious to see what you think!

    1. oh! do you feel like you still incorporate what you learned at Pilates with your running? Like with your core?

  4. I do the same. When I skip a run I’m bummed. But sometimes I run better with 2 days rest.
    I’ve been sleeping really poorly lately. Maybe it’s the weather.

    Hope next month brings pain relief for you.

    1. the weather has been awful for many of us. I am sleeping better now that the phone is out of the bedroom, but Ron keeps cranking up the heat in the bedroom and with me going through the change I end up practically on fire in the middle of the night!

  5. Burpees are hard! The challenge is even harder. I attempted it once but no bueno. Mucho no bueno. Wasn’t that Fyre Festival something?

    1. incredible really. I can’t believe people got sucked in so easily! and how Billy manipulated everyone!!!

  6. I’m thinking that the burpee challenge might be a bit much for all of us! Give yourself some grace and do what you can do.

  7. Hubby and I are currently visiting my sister and brother-in-law in Florida. In the evenings, we began binge watching “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”. “Just one more episode” is our motto! :)

  8. I totally get how the prospect of surgery could sap your mojo. I think you deserve some down time to process that and reroute your plans for the year, even if it’s “too much” time on the sofa.

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