Week 4 – Done, now let’s move on…


This was not the greatest week ever, however I’m kind of tired of “complaining” and want to just move on now so hopefully next week I can report something in a more upbeat manner.



Monday – Rest
Tuesday – Runiversity  Rest
Wednesday – RPM
Thursday – kettlebell workout pity party on the couch
Friday – Runiversity 10KM
Saturday – RPM
Sunday – Longrun BodyPump + 5KM run


Another week where not everything went to plan; this time a combination of the weather and my own motivation levels being low.   On Tuesday I was fully prepared to go to Runiversity but around 1pm it started snowing and it didn’t stop until around 9pm!  Training was cancelled for this reason  – no one was prepared to run in the snow and the streets and bike paths weren’t really cleared until the next day.  For me it’s a no go anyway when there is more chance to slip and fall and break / damage something.  I have enough issues as it is, I’m not about to add “sprained ankle” to the list.

these streets don’t get cleaned right away – impossible to run in with regular running shoes!

Speaking of which, on Tuesday I also went to the physio, but until I get new insoles for my running shoes my tendinitis will remain. We decided to stop treatment until a bit later down the road.  I did ask my physio if he would help me with a recovery program so I’m still in top shape by the time I can run again and he agreed this was a good idea.

By Wednesday it was safe enough to drive so we were off to RPM. Thank goodness too! I needed that.


yeah! RPM night with the Boys!

On Thursday I had an appointment with the anaesthesiologist and assumed that I was fit enough for surgery (I am) and that I would be get a date in February or latest March for the operation. After all, 2 weeks before this appointment they gave me an indication that there were still possibilities in February so my assumption didn’t come out of nowhere.  Welp, I got an April date.  To say that I was extremely disappointed is an understatement.  There were quite a few ugly tears in the car when we left the clinic.   I need 6 – 8 weeks for recovery and am not allowed to run before that time. The last time I started running again after 4.5 weeks.  I often wonder if it was too soon so I’m definitely not going to take any risks!!   Six weeks = 16th of May.   Liverpool weekend is the 24th – 26th.   This means no running Liverpool (again) this year.   The 2nd time I will DNS my Liverpool races for the same reason.   I’m pissed but I’m also picking out the positives.  Obviously the most important race is Chicago.  I should be fully healed by the time marathon training starts.    I also already contacted the organisation to ask about volunteering.  I’ll make the best of it.  Just like I did 3 years ago.

Suffice it to say, I did not do my kettlebells that afternoon (I took the whole day off) and in the evening we went to my stepdaughter’s school – they were having an open house and the students all participated in presentations and workshops not only to entice new students for the coming school year but also to show the parents and family what they have been working on.  It was a good evening; we were quite impressed with the students work, but it was long drive there and back and we were exhausted by the time we got home.

On Friday I went to the movies with my friend Sheena in Den Haag. While I was on the train back home I was chatting with Ron about our training in the evening and in a way we were both trying to get out of it because the weather was about to turn crap again.  Eventually though I said “Let’s just go.  We know it’s going to be crap and that’s the worst that can happen;  if it’s not crap, it’s a bonus”   So we went and it was not that bad. However, during my 7th (of 8) interval of 800m suddenly my right knee tweaked and I had a shooting pain through my hamstring, knee and calf.  It was really going well too, so I was bummed.  I walked it out and then ended up slowly jogging back with the rest of my group.

In my old “stomping ground” – The Hague

On Saturday morning it was already better so we went to RPM.  Afterwards I went home, showered and changed and went into town to meet my friend Marie-Jose, also to go to the movies.   I was home in time for dinner and spent the rest of the evening chilling out.

Ron missed BodyPump last week (and I did as well, plus I hadn’t done my kettlebells and I stopped with burpees) so we decided to go on Sunday morning! I had a 9.5KM run on my training schedule (progressive every 500 m for 4.5KM then 5KM steady) but I just wasn’t sure about my knee.  I thought maybe I would skip it all together but decided around 3pm to just go out and try.  I ended up with a 5KM run pushing several tempos to feel when the pain came.  I’m glad I didn’t try the progressive run!  The pain was definitely there at faster tempos.

Sunday Runday – oddly mild after this weeks’ lowest 17 degrees (-8 C)


Weigh-in Wednesday

I weighed in on Wednesday with an 800g loss. I haven’t however been logging my food and I haven’t been 100% on program so I have no idea what next week will bring.  I know it’s sounding like a broken record now.  So I’m moving right along.



In other news, I finally have a more definitive race schedule until April now that I know my surgery date:
Feb 3rd – Apeldoorn Midwinter Marathon (8KM)
Feb 10th – Groet uit Schoorl (10KM)
Mar 3rd – Vorden Achtkastellenloop (10KM)
Mar 10th – Den Haag CPC loop (10KM)
Mar 17th – Nijmegen Stevensloop (5KM)

Since I can only start training again in May, I’ll try to do a Half Marathon in August.   But it’s all really TBD in between middle of May and the marathon in October.  Watch this space!


Habits This Week:

Log food in WW app: 1/7
No junk at work: every day (worked 3 days this week)
10K steps per day: 4/7 days
take stairs at home: every day
vitamins: 4/7 days


There will definitely be an improvement in week 5 with the things I’m slacking on.  I am proud of the fact that I’m still avoiding junk at work (and believe me, there is something here every day) and taking the stairs at home.


How was your week? Do you run in the snow?  When is your first race (or did you run a race already)?


  1. kookyrunner says:

    I think that I would have been thrown off after getting that news about the surgery date as well. I think it’s a good thing that you allowed yourself to feel frustrated, etc. Ignoring those feelings just means they would have come out at another time :(

    It looks like you will have a very busy Feb/March with all of your races!

  2. Yikes I hope your hamstring and knee are ok this week. The weather can really put a damper in the best of plans. I hope you have a better week!

  3. The news of the April date is a bummer, but at least it’s on the calendar. Sorry for the delay in getting the deed finished. Just try to focus on how much better things will be AFTER the surgery. On another note, congrats on the WW success! You’re doing great avoiding all the junk at work, that’s a constant battle for me (there’s a big candy jar sitting within arms reach at my reception desk). ((hugs)) keep your chin up ;-)

  4. Wendy says:

    How awful to be planning on surgery, only to have it pushed off until April! That’s such a long time away. It looks like you’re making the most of the time before tho. Glad to see you have all those races planned.

  5. Coco says:

    Well, at least you are fitting in quite a few races this winter/spring! Great work on the weight loss!

  6. I think you’re definitely allowed a pity party. That’s a long time to be without something that you love. :( Just keep your eye on Chicago though (and be thankful it’s not a winter marathon, LOL).

    So ok, you had the pity party now it’s time to move on — the better shape you are when you go into surgery, the quicker you will get back in shape. That’s great that your physio is on board with helping.

  7. Marcia says:

    Ugh I’m so sorry your surgery was pushed so far back. Very disappointing for sure. Especially since you have to DNS. Look at all those races! I’m basically saving myself for Tokyo and London. Not to mention our weather is total crap, as you know. :P

  8. Liz Dexter says:

    Such a stressful time, I’m so sorry. And gutting about Liverpool! Did I read right that you might be there volunteering instead, though? I remember when I was getting my surgery sorted out (which was not running related but stopped me running) I was so upset to have it later than I’d thought and to not know the date that far in advance.

    1. Renée says:

      yes, Liz, I’m still going and I’ll be volunteering. I’m in touch with the lady there who’s coordinating! it is disappointing, but what can you do?

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