Tuesday Topics #4 – Stinky Sports Clothes

This week’s Tuesday Topic: How do you deal with stinky running clothes? You can write about this topic, or feel free to post any running related blog post. Remember to Link-up with Kim and Zenaida to join in the fun!


I don’t have a lot of tips and tricks for stinky laundry, but I can say this:

What is it with all the laundry around here??

With two runners in a small apartment we seem to be in a constant state of laundry. Does this happen to others as well?  Does the size of our apartment actually have anything to do with the mountains of apparel that either needs to be sorted, washed, hung, dried and put away?


I’m not saying I’m the only one who tends to these stinky piles of textiles, but usually I’m the one dealing with it. (I don’t complain, Mr. Pie usually is the one cooking for us!).  We don’t have a lot of choice for detergents here specifically for sports clothes either;  I used to use HG detergent but it’s pretty costly and I didn’t find a huge difference in the pods I was using vs. HG.  So I  just use my pods and try to separate sports clothes from normal clothes.

This morning I went around my house to document just how much laundry we are talking about:


On Top of the Washer














In the washer, a few items (not sure why…)












On spare chairs (not sporty clothes I see…but normal clothes belonging to me and my stepson) that need to be taken down to storage












Hanging on the rack (dry)













Huge pile that needs to be folded













Sports clothes that are not dirty really but also not clean (+ jeans drying on the radiator)













The actual clothes hamper where the dirties are supposed to be













Here in the Netherlands it’s still not the most common to have a clothes dryer. I haven’t had a dryer myself since 1999!  Most people, especially in small apartments, hang their clothes, sheets, etc., on the clothesline outside or on a rack like what is shown above.  We had a line outside but had to remove it when there was wood and painting work being done on the balcony (it was rusty and needed to be replaced anyway).  I wouldn’t put my sports clothes in the dryer in any case, so it seems no matter what I would always have clothes hanging somewhere.


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The Clothes Don’t Fold Themselves and The Cats Don’t Help Either

I had one clothes basket for the dry clothes that needed to be folded or the wet clothes that needed to be transferred to the rack. The only problem was, the clothes weren’t magically folded and put away while we were at work and the cats would rather lay inside the basket than actually help out (useless beasts).   So instead of folding said heap of garments, I bought another basket to use for the wet clothes.   Recently I found the second basket filled with stuffed animals.  Really.















And let’s just forget about socks, shall we? What makes socks the devil that no one wants to touch??  And how do I still end up with single socks when I have no dryer to eat the missing sock??



Please tell me I’m not the only one with mostly sports laundry as the bane of my domestic existence? Do you have laundry everywhere?  Do your socks disappear even though you know for a fact you put both socks in the washer? Do you use a special detergent or have a special way to get the stank out of sports clothes?



  1. kookyrunner says:

    That’s so interesting that it’s not common to have a clothes dryer there! To be honest, I usually only use my clothes dryer for sheets, towels and socks and I normally air dry all my other clothes.

    1. Renée says:

      funnily enough, recently a commercial washer and dryer were installed outside the Shell next to our apartment buildings (odd, I know) and I’m tempted to take my sheets and towels there next time just so they are DONE. I can pop in the Shell and have a Starbucks (they have a special machine!) while I wait :)

  2. San says:

    I have clothing everywhere, especially with all the workout clothes… it’s a constant battle ;) (Luckily, we do have a dryer and some of the other clothes are dried and put away right away).

    1. Renée says:

      I need you to send the ones who put away clothes over here, please!

  3. Most days I have 2 sets of sweaty clothes. They do add up pretty quickly! I let mine air dry before throwing them into the laundry

    1. Renée says:

      so you have about the same as I do! I find Ron’s clothes also hanging everywhere to dry before the go in the wash…

  4. I air dry a lot of my laundry, so I can relate to clothes hanging everywhere. I always let my sweaty stuff air dry (over the tub or shower) before I put it in its appropriate laundry basket…then I always air dry it after it’s washed as well. With all of my allergies, I have to keep it inside, so I don’t have an outdoor clothes line to use in the summer.

    1. Renée says:

      oh gosh I didn’t even think about allergies! I would have an even bigger problem if I had issues! Where would I hang my sheets!?

  5. Karen :0) says:

    It’s interesting about not having a dryer…but I do air dry a lot of mine too!

    1. Renée says:

      I think that’s the general consensus to air dry!

  6. Organic Runner Mom says:

    I have to admit I just throw everything all in there together. I know I should wash the clothes differently but guess I am too lazy?

    1. Renée says:

      well… if I don’t have a full load I’ll basically put anything in there to fill it! so not lazy; efficient? :)

  7. I would miss not having a dryer, but I suppose I’d get used to it eventually. With that being said, I hang up to air dry most of my husband’s and my biking and running clothes. I’ve never had a problem with our clothes stinking after they’re washed; however, I hear other people complain about that…

  8. I just wash my running clothes with my other clothes most of the time. I hate laundry, so the less laundry I have to do the better.

  9. That is so interesting about it being common not to have a dryer at home. I air dry most of my clothes but do machine dry my sheets and comforters.

    Love seeing the cats in the basket. :-)

  10. Wendy says:

    I still have a basket on the floor in front of me from Sunday’s laundry. I hate folding clothes!

  11. runswithpugs says:

    If I could include photos in this comment, I would show you the MOUNTAIN of clean clothes on the couch across from me, waiting to be folded. With three dogs (two of whom are seniors), a tween and an adult male, plus my running, we have all the laundry. It’s absurd.

    In NJ, we had a huge clothesline out back. I loved the smell and feel of laundry hung out to dry. Unfortunately, here is way too humid, and I think everything would probably mildew before it would dry, so I am stuck hanging things all over the laundry room and backs of chairs when I want it to air dry.

  12. angela@marathonsandmotivation.com says:

    This is a great topic to explore, as I have tried many remedies!! Love the tips here :-)

  13. Janelle @ Run With No Regrets says:

    Haha, we have more piles of workout clothes than I care to admit! I really need to get a dedicated hamper so that we can separate all of our funky stuff! My cats love laying on freshly folded laundry….

    1. Renée says:

      cats and laundry!!!

  14. […] the things we don’t love, because, let’s face it, the laundry doesn’t fold itself as we established here and the cats refuse to do dishes or take out the trash) and when you are a bit like ME… […]

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