Weekly Wrap: Week 7 – Mostly Ordinary





I have the feeling my post was too long last week.  This week it is shorter.  I wouldn’t describe this as a super-exciting week for sure.  Just mostly ordinary.




Week 7 Fitness

Monday – REST
Tuesday – walk at lunch, help at Runiversity with the CooperTest
Wednesday – Pilates
Thursday – BodyPump
Friday –  11,5KM Biking, Runiversity training (11KM)
Saturday – RPM
Sunday – Training 5 x 500 m (200 m recovery) (6.5KM)


After the lonnnnnnnnnnng day in Schoorl/ Alkmaar Sunday we were all about the REST day on Monday.  Work was busy but for the rest,  nothing too exciting.  Caught up on some social media.  Still went to bed too late.


Tuesday at work was busy BUT I was able to get out for a walk (to pick up some bread at the bakery in town).  On Tuesday evening we were doing the Cooper Test at Runiversity.  I didn’t feel like doing it (because it would be the measurement now and then I just have to start over again in May/ June.  I’d rather do it when I start training for Chicago) but my trainer needed an assistant to help with tallying up the rounds for the other participants.  Happy to oblige.

Wednesday was yet another busy day at work.  I got home a little later than planned, ate something, changed and went to Pilates.  I’m still not quite sure how to “get” pilates but I’m sticking it out for the full cycle (until the end of June).

Thursday – last busy day at work.  I’m toast, but the show must go on.  Valentine’s Day BodyPump for the win.  Ron went running from the gym on the advise of his physio (he had dry needling that morning).   After BodyPump we took Vincent home and then stayed for a bit for a chat with him and Wendy.


Friday I went and picked up my new bike.  Maybe you read about that here? I did end up biking about 11.5KM (about 7.5 on the new bike).  I didn’t do much else during the day but just chill out.  Runiversity training was of course at 7pm but neither Ron nor I were feeling it.  Don’t worry, we went anyway!  And it was a good training!  Warm-up, 6 x 1000’s with 400 m recovery in between.   Almost 11KM running.


introducing Kolette!

Saturday was RPM day again!  Finally the 3 of us were all able to go together.   At least this release is becoming “easier”  – haha!  As in, when we started it was hard and seemed to go on forever.  Now I can actually keep going all through the hard or speedy parts and it seems like the session is over before we know it!   The rest of the day I chilled, ate, did my nails and nearly fell asleep on the couch.  We had plans with friends in the early evening, so at about 3:30 in the afternoon we went into town.  It was Burgers & Beers night!  There’s a burger place here in Arnhem that won “Best Burger in the Netherlands”  now for the 3rd year so we wanted to try out the newest winning burger.  Afterwards we went to a huge beer pub in town for a(nother) beverage.   Luckily we went out early and are getting older so 10pm came around and no one felt bad about wanting to go home!   Happy that the few beers I had did not disturb my sleep.


what do you think of my manicure? Since i’m not massaging at the moment I can finally grow my nails out!


it started off innocently enough with coffee…



and ended up in burgers…


… and maybe 1 beer too many…

Sunday Ron had a longer run than I did so he left the house earlier than I did (plus my friend Alexandra had dropped by in the morning) but then we literally ran into each other on the dike.  I thought it was so cute – he knew I was going to do my intervals there (since it’s close by and easy)  so he came around there to finish up his run.  The intervals went well, but I can tell you my stomach wasn’t super happy with the extra alcohol I had Saturday night.  I’m kind of a One Beer Woman these days and I ended up having five!


This week started out really slow and I was feeling a bit “meh” but ended on a higher note. The weather is actually getting better (very spring like!), I’ve got a  new bike to ride and the latest news… my surgery date has been pushed up to March 25th!  There’s more of a possibility that I can run the 5K at Liverpool, but obviously I need to wait to see how it goes and how recovery progresses.  And I also won’t do anything without clearance from my orthopaedic surgeon!


How was your week?  Have you ever done a Cooper Test?  Is your weather improving finally?  Did you run any races this weekend?  




30 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap: Week 7 – Mostly Ordinary

  1. I had a busy week at work too – I guess it must have been something in the air last week, lol. Great job on your workouts this week and hooray for a brand new bike! :)

    I love your nails by the way – so cute!

    I’m glad that you were able to get an earlier surgery date!

  2. I have never heard of a Cooper test, so I was not sure what that was all about. Love your nails! I see you are another Body Pumper. I love that class!!! What did I ever do before Body Pump?

    1. right Laurie!! I love BodyPump so much, I can’t believe I was actually scared to try it!

  3. I’ve never done pilates, can you believe it? I’m a yoga gal…

    Isn’t it crazy how little alcohol we can indulge these days? I’m a 2-3 beer/wine gal and that is pushing it. But I do enjoy it. BTW, today is National Wine Day. In case you wanted to toast with us…

  4. Sounds like a really solid week. I also have never heard of a Cooper Test.

    I don’t drink at all — which allows me to indulge in sweets more. I was never a big drinker so it wasn’t hard for me to give it up.

    Congrats on getting the surgery moved up — hope that it goes well! And congrats on the new bike, as well.

  5. I used to love Pilates. But I haven’t done it in years. Yay for surgery being moved up! That’s a fun manicure. I have a super low tolerance to alcohol. I mean kombucha makes me swoon.

  6. That’s really sweet how you ended up on the end of your run together! My best example of that was when I went horse riding in the Isles of Scilly and Matthew took me to the stables then went off bird-watching – then I rode onto the beach he was on! A good week, and well done, great news on the surgery, too.

  7. I love your nails! I have never done the Cooper test but I don’t think I’d do too well. 12 minutes is a mile for me in training (and my warm up mile in longer races.

    1. thanks!!

      the purpose of the cooper test is actually to just push yourself for 12 minutes. So it doesn’t matter if you can do a mile or a bit more or bit less. It’s an indication at that moment what you are capable of. It’s hard, don’t get me wrong, but usually everyone goes a little bit further than what they think they are able to do and that’s why it’s a good test to do.

      by the way I tried to comment on your blog but I couldn’t because I can’t remember my log in name/ password for “regular” wordpress! grrrr! but I’ll try to figure that out.

  8. Hi there! SO excited you are in the Netherlands!! My family and I are planning on spending the month of September traveling around from Sweden to Norway, Denmark and Finland! Maybe I can get some tips? I absolutely LOVE your new bike – hope you get lots of miles in on it! And those burgers look amazing. So nice to literally “run” into your husband (?) on roads. Mine doesn’t run but sometimes he passes me in his car – LOL!

    1. oh gosh you will love Scandinavia! I’ve only been to Sweden once, but I’d love to get up there again. and Tromsø is on my list for the Northern Lights marathon! We are heading to Finland in August and though Denmark is closest to us, I’ve not even been yet! So I don’t have any tips but I do think you will LOVE it!

  9. I’m a one beer kind of gal these days too. Also, maybe 3 times a week is my max. My stomach just doesn’t feel that great with more alcohol than that. I definitely have to keep that in mind when I’m on vacation! That burger does look pretty awesome!!

    1. luckily I’m headed to the burger place again in just a couple weeks. since this place won Best Burger again all my friends out of town suddenly want to come see us LOL!

  10. Yay for your surgery getting moved up earlier so you can start recovering sooner!

    To answer your questions, we’re in the midst of a snowstorm as I type! And I’m a zero beer kind of girl (don’t like it), but I’m a two margarita girl! ;-)

  11. You had a great week! I’ve always wanted to try Pilates but I haven’t yet. I think I’m scared. lol

    Congrats on the bike!

    5 beers?! Well, I’m a one beer kinda girl (if I drink a beer) but …. I can hold my own with some wine. I’m not sure I should be proud of that. Ha!

    1. you are such a badass in crossfit. I think you would feel a little bit like me in Pilates, like you are not “doing” much. it’s a mindset thing!

      yeah 5 beers s reallllllly a lot for me!!

  12. Love the mani – both the nail art and the base color
    And yay on sooner surgery
    Weather is into the high 50s but it was snowing yesterday, so who knows!?!?

  13. Very cute nails! This week was so, so over here. Just dealing with winter snow and ice while trying to pack for a move! I don’t drink alcohol (maybe a sweet wine sample on occasion?) but I do drink a whole lotta coffee. That latte looks amazing! I could use one or three of those now ;)

    1. I am more a coffee drinker here as well. I do like an adult beverage now and again but if i don’t drink at all for a few weeks it’s totally normal.

  14. Yeah, only a small amount of alcohol makes me really tired the next day. Heavy legs and just overall blah. Crazy how it affects us more the older we get. Although, I think I was pretty affected by it when I was younger, too. I just handled the side effects better then, I think. Ha!

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