Ultimate Coffee Date – January 2020

Well, here we are my friends. Finally! We made it! I’m so happy for this new chapter. Of course I don’t think that you need a new year or a Monday or a birthday to “start fresh” but for me, particularly after last year, I feel like I have a clean page to write on again.

Welcome to the Ultimate Coffee Date!

It’s that time again to kick back with friends and have a chat over coffee (black, please), chai, herbal tea or whatever you fancy. Deborah and Coco host the Ultimate Coffee Date every first Friday/Saturday of the Month – care to join in?

The Ultimate Coffee Date

If we were having coffee…

I’d tell you that I’m ready to make a mental switch about how I feel about the holidays. It’s never going to be like I wish it would be, so instead of wallowing in that sorrow, I’m going to turn it around and just do whatever I want for the holidays. From sending cards to decorating to cookie baking – I’m going to do it all this year. And there will be a tree. Even if the cats want to play with all the shiny things. Poor Ron will be subjected to Christmas Pyjamas as well. And there will be Ugly Christmas Sweaters. Mark my words. If we were having coffee, how would you describe how you “do” the holidays, even if you have “challenges” (culture, family, whatever)?

If we were having coffee

I mentioned already that I do not want to have any big goals this year. Last year I had goals and, well, we all know what happened there. I think, for me, I just want to be healthy. I want to get it together emotionally and physically and I think that’s enough as far as goals go. Sure I’d love to race more and hit some PR’s but to be honest, I think just being able to run and race is enough. Obviously I’m going to run Chicago (if it’s the last marathon I run) but I don’t even have a time goal for that. Just start fit and finish smiling. If we were having coffee, what would you tell me about your goals for this year? Big hairy ones? Or keeping things low key and going with the flow?

If we were having coffee

I’d mention that we are yet again hooked on another Netflix series, but it’s an older one that you probably haven’t even thought about for a while… Mad Men. I thought I watched quite a few seasons several years ago but we are up to season four now and I really didn’t remember anything past season two! My former stepmom is remarried to a man who actually was a “Mad Man” in advertising back in the day so it adds a bit more dimension in my interest (he’s a super nice guy and I can’t imagine him getting up to the kind of antics they get up to in the series, but he told us it really was like that!). Also, it’s so hard to watch sometimes and wonder how we (women) could have ever accepted the kind of sh*t that they tolerated back then. And “back then” wasn’t so long ago! If we were having coffee, would you tell me you’ve seen Mad Men too? What series are you watching right now?

If we were having coffee

While we love traveling, we are probably going to travel less this year. I’d really like to spend more time in the US when we go to Chicago so that means we need more $$$ while we are there. The savings plan has already begun. I would tell you, too, that we are going to Paris in less than 2 weeks though, but we are driving – so maybe that puts it a bit in perspective. It’s close enough to get there in 6 hours with coffee breaks. It’s almost Ron’s birthday and he wanted to go to the Leonardo da Vinci exhibition at the Louvre. Who am I to not go along with that? We’re going to see my parents in Málaga again in March as well. Maybe there will be some spontaneous trips to the UK; we are not running Liverpool this year but I’m missing my UK running friends already. If we were having coffee, what would you say about your travel plans for 2020?

If we were having coffee

I would definitely thank you for the, albeit online, friendship over the last years of blogging. I am glad I can be myself and don’t have to pretend if I’m not feeling well mentally. I haven’t said all of the things that influence why I am so sad, but it’s good to know I don’t even HAVE to say everything. I really appreciate having a place where I can put my feelings down in black and white. And if we were actually having that cup of coffee in person, I’d hug you tight and try not to cry when I tell you how much I appreciate you. If we were having coffee, would you also express your gratitude for the blogging community?

So let’s have that coffee and talk!

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  1. Chaitali says:

    That’s great that you’re planning for doing the Christmas things that you want to do and have a goal of being healthy for 2020. That’s the most important thing. I think one of my goals for the year is also going to be more casual and just try to get back into doing local cheap or free races. I used to really enjoy them but for some reason stopped doing them the last 2 years. Here’s to a good 2020 for all of us!

    1. Renée says:

      same! we used to do a lot of local races. I’d like to just do them, maybe decide the week or even a few days before. Get back into running in my own community!

  2. Laurie says:

    So cool that you are planning for Christmas 2020! I need a reset on my Christmas attitude. It’s fun to see the grandkids, but a lot of it just seems like WORK! Anyway…sorry about the rant! :)

    I don’t have big hairy goals for 2020. I just want to stay healthy and run the races that appeal to me. Good luck training for Chicago. Happy New Year!

    1. Renée says:

      same Laurie! Just stay healthy and fit and run more locally the races that appeal to me! Thanks! Happy new year to you too!

  3. Okay, you just made me cry a little. I also appreciate all the friendship & positive vibes we share through the computer/phone screens. Although you had a tough year, you’ve been such a great inspiration for so many of us!!! It’s great that we have our fellow bloggers to not only celebrate our triumphs, but to also freely dispense the (virtual) hugs when we need them.

    1. Renée says:

      you are so sweet Kim. I swear when I get to hug you in person one day we may both get injured! haha!

      1. Kim at Running on the Fly says:

        HA!! Bring it!! ;-)

  4. Darlene says:

    So jealous that you can drive to Paris – my favorite city in the world.

    No big hairy goals…just run without pain!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope you can run Chicago and that you come to NY someday!!

    1. Renée says:

      it does make me very happy we can just drive to Paris. I know it makes it sound so casual but believe me I do appreciate it being an easy drive. Same for me. At least run with minimum pain, the pain that I’m used to. I would love to go to NY and you and Cari will be the first to know!

  5. Elaine D says:

    To be healthy, emotionally and physically is a lifelong process that I think all of us strive to become. Sounds like you’re ready to make some specific changes in your life to nurture your health and well-being.

    1. Renée says:

      it really IS a lifelong process! I’m finally understanding that!

  6. kookyrunner says:

    We are in total agreement when it comes to love and admiration for the blogging community. I have met some of these most amazing women through running and my blog – it’s really been a blessing.

    1. Renée says:


  7. runswithpugs says:

    The blogging community is really so incredible.

    I am so excited for your Chicago adventures! And you guys re going to have a blast in Paris! So fun.

    I am watching The Boys on Amazon Prime right now. It’s fairly dark and deep but it’s right up my alley.

    1. Renée says:

      Is The Boys also on Netflix do you know? at the rate we are going with Mad Men we’ll be done soon!

  8. I so agree with you about the blogging community – it’s a pretty amazing.

    Your trip to Paris sounds wonderful! I’m excited for you to get the chance to run Chicago – I hope training goes smoothly. You know I’ll be cheering you on!

    1. Renée says:

      Thank you so much Michelle!

  9. I think it’s really positive that you are going to do things your way this year. It’s very empowering! No big goals for me this year except for trying to stay healthy and injury free. Have also loved connecting w you more this past year. Online friends are great too!

    1. Renée says:

      so many of us who just want to stay healthy and injury free! that says a lot about how many of us have been injured lately! I have enjoyed connecting with you too Deborah!

  10. Wendy says:

    I’ve had a lot of sadness about the holidays the past couple of years when the boys stopped believing in Santa and the magic of Chrismas kind of vaporized. This was the year when I decided to take charge of the holidays and let me tell you, this was a fun year! Of course it helped that my guys were (almost) all in. But I agree with you that it’s about making it what you want it to be, not what we’ve been brainwashed to think it should be!!

    And yes to this amazing blogging community! Aren’t we so lucky?

    1. Renée says:

      I already warned Ron he’ll be participating in Ugly Sweater Days and Christmas pyjamas on Christmas eve! He sure won’t mind Christmas cookies though, I can tell you that!

      we are so lucky!

  11. Coco says:

    My travel priority for 2020 is to get to Copenhagen in April/May for work. It would be great to figure out how to see you while I’m there. Our other big plans for 2020 is my son’s wedding in July, but they are in charge of that. As for Christmas, I have a hard time mustering the energy to do all the things now that my kids are grown, but have come to realize that I do want the tree up, and too many cookies in the house, and Christmas songs on my playlists, and it is worth it to do it for myself — and they appreciate when they visit.

    1. Renée says:

      oh wow that would be amazing!! if you could somehow have a long layover in Amsterdam I would take the time out to see you! As far as the holidays go I just gave up years ago because no one else shared my joy but now I think, who cares? I will share my own joy with myself!!

  12. Hannah says:

    I’m not making any big goals this year, but I will hopefully wrap up a few that have been in progress for a while (on the professional side). Your travel plans sound fun!

    1. Renée says:

      ah I hope all goes well with your goals in progress!

  13. Farrah says:

    I’ve heard good things about Mad Men but have yet to watch it, haha. I just finished the second season of You pretty recently, so I’m looking for another series to watch right now. :P

    I’m really grateful for the online friendships I’ve made over the blog too–I’ve been moving all over the country so much that it’s kinda nice to have “portable” friends who follow along with me. Sending you hugs!

    1. Renée says:

      I agree with more portable friends for sure! hugs back to you!

  14. Yay for already planning how you want to do the holidays next year ( or later this year I guess). The day after Christmas, I get so excited for Christmas the following year. Because I think of all the cool ideas I want to do. We’ll see if I remember them or even do them…lol

    In recent years I’ve rarely made big goals. I think that’s smart. Mine have been really vague. My favorite is always “try something new”!

    Thanks for linking up with us!

  15. Aww, we’d hug you back! And lend you an ear.

    There was almost no travel for me in 2019 at all. We have at least one trip planned for 2020, and hoping to do at least one other. That is one thing about the states — everything is so far away!

    Being healthy is a great goal. Everything snowballs from there.

  16. Birchwood Pie says:

    I loved Mad Men. I watched it so long ago that I saw the first few seasons on DVD and the last few in real time on TV. I was so surprised that there were commercial breaks when I saw it on TV, it seemed really meta to have ads in a show about ads. Have you seen Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt? I don’t want to spoil which cast member of Mad Men is in the show but let’s just say that this person plays a very different role with a very different image.

    Hugs and Happy New Year!

  17. I like your husband’s birthday wish! I would definitely go along with that!! I am waivering on making any goals for this year. 2019 was a really difficult year for me and I did not meet most of the goals I had set… Anyway, I need a little motivation, so I might set a few very small attainble ones!

  18. Marcia says:

    I’m so happy I got to see you IRL again this year! I’m not a goal setter…more of intention setter if anything. With everything going on with my kids and their study abroad/perform abroad plans, my own travel i 2020 will most likely be in a support role for them and that’s perfectly fine. Enjoy Paris and the Leonardo exhibition! So fun!

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