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2020 – Let’s start Fresh, shall we?

Happy New Year my friends! We made it! I’m hopeful for a better year all the while knowing that time continues and I’m still the same person. No Goals, No Resolutions I know it’s that time of year again when we all make goals, sometimes small, sometimes big, hairy ones. That won’t be me. I…

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July No Goals Goals

Not a typo, ladies and gents, this month my goals are…     wait, what? Yeah.  No.  Seriously.  Ok, maybe I have goals but they are regular goals that never change, there’s nothing new and that’s actually not helping me focus on anything.  I mean “Goal:  lose weight”  Right.  How you gonna do that, Pinky?…

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The Insanity that was April

What a month.  Man.  Am I glad that’s over.  I still have an unfinished post for Week 13, but I figured better to try and get April closed off now and move on.   April 1 + 2 and Week 14 Weekend of 1 + 2 did homework, housework, walked and biked (after picking up…

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