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WRD: Catching Up Week 19+20

Tweet I’m going to try and keep this weekly run down as short and sweet as possible. I know how hard it is to follow up on all the blogs in the linkup so I want to make this as easy as possible. You’re welcome. Hahaha! I can’t believe it was just last week that…

By Renée 19 May, 2019 30

Runner’s Spotlight: Meet Missy

Tweet This week I’m talking to Missy; she started running after she’d lost some weight to then further supplement her weight loss. She’s lost 90 lbs in total! While I hadn’t lost any weight at all (I just started at 100KG / 220 lbs) I do know that original mindset of running to lose weight…

By Renée 15 May, 2019 25

WRD: Week 18 – Liberation

Tweet While the US is celebrating Cinco de Mayo, here in the Netherlands we have the Dodenherdenking (Remembrance of the Dead) and Bevrijdingsdag (Liberation Day). The Netherlands was under German occupation from 1940 – 1945 and, thanks to the allies – in particular the British, Canadian, Polish and American troops – every year we celebrate…

By Renée 5 May, 2019 29

WRD: Week 17 -Kings & Queens

Tweet Well, really just one King (and one Queen). That is the King of the Netherlands, Willem-Alexander. Every year we celebrate Kings Day (it used to be Queen’s Day until his mum retired) with a “free” market, lots of food and music festivals throughout the cities and villages. King’s day is the actual birthday of…

By Renée 28 April, 2019 11

WRD: Week 16 Sunshine in my Pocket

Tweet You guys! Spring is FULL ON. The weather has been amazing! What a mood shift!! I happy to report that, though I’ve been fairly quiet on IG (I mean how many of selfies can you have of me NOT running or in the gym, amIright?) it’s been a good week, I feel less funky…

By Renée 21 April, 2019 12