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Lucky Week 13

Ah Finally.  I think we are over the slump.   First of all, we spent quite a lot of time discussing it and weighing the pros and cons, even without having the offer, and we are not going to go for a Chicago move at this time.  We started mostly thinking about the kind of…

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February Goals

Here’s my goals for February! Diet, Health and Fitness Food – Log in MFP, strive for on target or a deficit each day Water – 3 x 750 ml bottle per day Coffee/ Tea – less coffee, more herbal tea (at work) More “no alcohol” days Weigh-in 28/2  goal for Feb 3KG Movement Biking  – on off days Running –…

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The Plan for Jan

So, instead of making New Year’s resolutions this year, or huge goals, or whatever, I’m simply going to start and carry on as I intend to do throughout the year. But, let’s do it one month at a time, shall we? The Plan for January: On the 1st of January I decided to be brave…

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