February Goals

Here’s my goals for February!

Diet, Health and Fitness
Food – Log in MFP, strive for on target or a deficit each day
Water – 3 x 750 ml bottle per day
Coffee/ Tea – less coffee, more herbal tea (at work)
More “no alcohol” days
Weigh-in 28/2  goal for Feb 3KG

Biking  – on off days
Running – with my training group only (3x per week), to minimize impact on the knees
Gym – 2 times per week minimum, cardo plus strength and stability

Household stuff
Some effort made each day in the house (at least one of these):
Kitchen tidied
Living room tidied
Bathroom tidied
WC cleaned
Laundry run
Laundry folded, put away
Sheets changed

Learning and Well Being
Study 1 hour + per day
Small note each day to reflect
Log kept to track goals


Reward:  a new journal and some nice pens to start a bullet journal.  This month is a sort of trial with the reflection notes and the log I’m keeping.  So far it’s working quite well, it actually motivates me to keep on track!!


What goals do you have for February?   Do you have a bullet journal?