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Bring on the Recovery!

Tweet The surgery is now behind me! Right before I went to Paris, I started the procedure with my own GP to get scheduled for the operation to remove the neuroma in my foot. Having had a neuroma already before, I pretty much knew I had another one and have been struggling for more than…

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Surgery is imminent

Tweet So after more than two years running around on foot pain and basically knowing what it was, based on my experience 7 years ago, I now finally have confirmation that I again have a Morton’s Neuroma I have done many things to try and alleviate pain: Acupuncture Foot analysis and different shoes Visits to…

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Big Things, Little Things

Tweet The last 10+ days have been full of big and little things. I believe we should celebrate as much as possible to keep things in perspective. This is a particularly hard lesson for me when it comes to work, but I don’t want to digress right away into that subject, so… First of all,…

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