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Abdominoplasty: Five Weeks Post-Op

Work is s l o w l y killing me. So much stress. I already considered switching from coffee to G & T’s on Monday morning and the theme sort of developed from there. By Thursday I was crying in a zoom meeting. Not pretty. I’m hoping that the weekend of de-stressing will help me…

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WRD: Week 13: 2021 Just Blurgh

Sorry all; I’m just feeling really sick of things again. I figured out that some of my feeling is indeed FOMO; people are either getting vaccinated and getting their own life back and making plans, or quite the opposite – acting like nothing is going on and keeping the rest of us in lockdown. Sigh.…

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WRD: Week 9:2021 Adapting for Stress Week

First week of the month at work = stress It’s been more than just last week, the last several weeks were busy and stressful at work. Of course I say, “at work” but I’m working from home. The added stress plus the fact that you can’t just walk to someone’s desk or yell out to…

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