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WRD: Paris Edition

Better late than never Unfortunately I’m too late to join the fun at the Weekly Run Down Link-Up, but I thought I’d quickly recap the week and at least try to catch up with my fellow bloggers (last week I failed getting to all the blogs – I need more time in the days!). My…

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Recap: Paris Marathon 2016

ah Paris! It never really stops being an amazing and beautiful city. I have mentioned it many, many times before – Paris holds a very special place in my heart. The first several times I went there I was, in fact, disappointed in how “cold” and “rude” I interpreted people to be, but slowly I…

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In Other News

another change, or rather going back to the beginning again… Tonight I went back to Weight Watchers. Not because I want to be on a diet. Because I need the support. I tried to do it online for a while but I just am not motivated by myself to do it. I need support. So,…

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