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WRD: Week 30 – Stronger

Tweet This week was much better as far as work goes, but it was finally “our” turn to experience the Heatwave from Hell. Training continued, sleep remained difficult, at some point the airco at work didn’t even work properly anymore (and it’s normally freezing in the office). We had two days that were the “hottest…

By Renée 28 July, 2019 22

WRD: Vacation Catch-Up

Tweet It’s been a few weeks, my 3-week summer holiday is officially coming to an end and, to be honest, I have no idea how I’m going to start up again; work, training, keeping up with housework, cooking, etc. UGH. First world problems right? I’m going to try and keep this short – I know…

By Renée 14 July, 2019 34