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Runner Spotlight # 7 – Claire

Right, we were doing runner’s spotlights on Fridays but I’m now going to change them to Wednesdays. Or Thursdays. I don’t know yet! On Friday I want to start doing the Friday Five Link Up. This is my attempt to actually be more engaged with other running bloggers and hopefully give you guys something different…

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January Running

Another year flew by, an exciting year, and 2016 pretty much crashed in like a ton of bricks! On the 31st of December I took the day off and was actually able to run with my beloved running group on the “oliebollenloop”. On the 31st we essentially eat these tasty amazing deep-fried dough balls covered…

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Big Things, Little Things

The last 10+ days have been full of big and little things. I believe we should celebrate as much as possible to keep things in perspective. This is a particularly hard lesson for me when it comes to work, but I don’t want to digress right away into that subject, so… First of all, I…

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