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Sunday Run: aka My Husband is Awesome

Tweet I’ve been fairly down lately. Eating isn’t going well (uninspired. bored. meh.) Running isn’t going well (slow. heavy. no schedule) I have a lot of things on my mind, the usual combination of stuff – work, thoughts, life, etc. Ron’s been running a lot and really looking into technique, fueling for running, cross-training and…

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I told you it was hot and sticky?

Tweet Oh my. I went running today after work. I thought I would die. Breathing is tough in this sort of humidity. I wonder how others get through it. Not only am I as red as a ripe italian tomato, I also noticed I need a new sports bra (again — damnit why haven’t I…

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Extremely Hot and Incredibly Sticky

Tweet That is what the weather has been like here lately. Don’t get me wrong, I just came back from Phoenix and Albuquerque… it’s HOT. Here it’s humid. That means stickiness. I love it when it’s sunny and warm and I deal with the humidity the best I can. After all, we don’t have consistent…

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