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combining lifestyle changes with the things I love to do most

WRD: Catching Up Week 19+20

Tweet I’m going to try and keep this weekly run down as short and sweet as possible. I know how hard it is to follow up on all the blogs in the linkup so I want to make this as easy as possible. You’re welcome. Hahaha! I can’t believe it was just last week that…

By Renée 19 May, 2019 30

Tuesday Topics Link-up #1

Tweet Welcome to the all new Tuesday Topics.  Not my brain-child but that of Kim (@Kookyrunner) and Zenaida!       If you are interested in joining, check this link for exactly how to link up and what the rules are.  Oh, yeah and what the weekly topics are (though you are free to add another fitness…

By Renée 8 January, 2019 31

Week 1 -Thank You For Being So Kind

Tweet I’m joining Wendy and Holly this week (and hopefully next week too, hey!) for the weekly wrap! Join in with your fitness related post to get and receive support from other super cool and fabulous bloggers.  Can you believe the holidays are officially over and we are done with WEEK 1 of 2019??  …

By Renée 6 January, 2019 24

2018: The Glass Is.

Tweet   While I would love to force myself to have the glass be “half full”, I’m going to just stay realistic, not be negative and say…   I had a glass this year. There was something in it.   I had a few goals: Friday Five – And We’re Off!   Really have a…

By Renée 30 December, 2018 26

What Happened in Warsaw

Tweet Our long weekend started like any other running weekend away, only this time we had Vincent and Wendy with us. We headed out early for the airport, and it was pretty much smooth sailing all the way to Warsaw. Once we arrived we caught the bus to Central Station and, because it was still…

By Renée 19 October, 2018 11

Where did we leave off?

Tweet Oh hey! Hi! Remember me?  it’s been ages since I caught up here and while I had the best intentions we all know what that means, right? Life happens and priorities are shifted.  I have been having a good time in the meantime I can promise you that.   Ragnar Wattenmeer Happened This was…

By Renée 17 October, 2018 7